[12.09.07] Eric and Shin Hyesung battle it out for Junjin on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

Shinhwa members Eric and Shin Hyesung battle it out on the latest episode of Shinhwa Broadcast in a bid to recruit members for their own teams.

For the upcoming 8th September episode of the jTBC variety show, the Shinhwa members become ‘The Petty Thieves’ (a parody of the hit movie ‘The Thieves’) and the two teams go up against each other in a treasure hunt. Before the race began, Eric and Shin Hyesung, as the respective leaders of the black and white teams, received a mission to recruit two members for their teams.

The two team leaders bumped into each other at the car park and started trying to figure out each other’s strategy, getting locked in a psychological battle. Both leaders aimed to recruit Junjin for his physical strength and variety sense, and launched into an all-out battle for Junjin.

While Eric and Shin Hyesung focused on winning Junjin over, the remaining members did not hear from either team leader and just waited, unable to hide their disappointment. The 15-year friendship among the members were tested amidst false news of ‘we’re coming over now so just wait’ and situations of betrayal.

Catch this episode of Shinhwa Broadcast on jTBC at 11.10pm KST on 8 Sept.

Credits: etoday + Absolut Shinhwa


12 thoughts on “[12.09.07] Eric and Shin Hyesung battle it out for Junjin on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

    1. I love RicSung and all, but seriously I want to see some RicJin…hehe. My favorite duo the B-Brothers hehe.

  1. i think during the god of eloquence (shinbang) eric or hyesung mention that they live in the same building but different floor..

    1. I think that was when they lived in Pien Polus in Cheongdam. In this Thieves parody, their front doors & intercoms looks the ssame. May be 2 building from the same complex 🙂

  2. @phi
    Hi phi, i think they live on the same condo or place. You are one lucky lady spying with the shinhwa boyz. Love ERIC no matter what haircut he has.

    1. hehehe hard not to notice that precious Audi kkkk

      RicSung used to live in the same buiding when they were at Pien Polus in Cheongdam. But since they move to Apgujeong, I heard they’re in 2 diff buildings close to each other. May be these 2 building have 1 parking lot for both ^^

  3. hello there Taejoo-ssi!!! 🙂

    ehem, from the vid preview, we already know who got Junjin for the team. Junjin can’t say no to his mama bird 😀

    I spy Hyesung’s precious Audi. Not sure why RicSung are in the same parking lot, I thought they’re in 2 different buildings…. (connected parking lot?) 🙂

  4. their costumes reminds me of people that escaped from prison.hahaha but looks cool.and sounds interesting,so of course like always i wont miss it,even though i dont understand much.my korean is so poor.*depressed* 😦

    1. hey, you’re not alone, my korean language is poor too…in fact it could be worse…hee hee ;)….so you’ve got companion =)

    2. hahah don’t be sad, lot of us watch the raw vid when it comes out then again with subb later, me included ^^

      Though most of Shinbang episodes are easy to understand/guess what’s going on 🙂

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