[12.08.30] Pics: Shinhwa for Roygen F/W 2012

Shinhwa Roygen CF (30sec version)

4 thoughts on “[12.08.30] Pics: Shinhwa for Roygen F/W 2012

  1. Guys look so good in suits. I thought that Junjin was the tallest, but somehow Eric usually looks taller. Maybe it’s the way he stands?

    1. Junjin is the tallest among Shinhwa. It’s often the camera’s angle, the way they stand… that makes the difference

      In this pic, Eric stands closer to the camera than Junjin so he looks much taller, even Minwoo looks taller than Junjin here 😀 https://absolutshinhwa.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/285907_442404992468762_1361087694_o.jpg

      here Junjin is closest to the camera, he looks way taller 🙂 https://absolutshinhwa.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/285907_442405145802080_476854258_o.jpg

  2. wonder if they fill in the white background later, it looks a little bare XD

    what’s with Andy’s golf club amid of the Christmas theme lol
    Minbong does aegyo best in those shoot.

    Santa Eric, climbs down my chimney on Christmas, I want your present 🙂

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