[12.08.28] Nichkhun to be edited out of Shinhwa vs 2PM ‘God of Victory’ duel

But doesn’t that also mean that the Shinhwa members playing against Nichkhun gets edited out too…? Oy. >.<

The producers of MBC’s ‘God of Victory’ have decided to edit out Nichkhun, who had been involved in a DUI accident, as much as possible from the upcoming episode to be aired on 2nd September.

The 3rd episode of MBC’s ‘God of Victory’ features Korea’s longest-running idol group Shinhwa and idol group 2PM, where the members compete in 10 rounds of matches.

‘God of Victory’ producer Kim Min-jong told Star News, “For the upcoming 2nd September episode, we will be editing out Nichkhun’s scenes as much as we can.”

He added, “We will edit out his scenes as far as we can without disrupting the flow of the programme.”

The first episode of ‘God of Victory’ was aired on 19 August, and the show features rivals from various fields of sports and showbiz pitting themselves against each other in 10 rounds of competitions. The show has adopted the format of Infinity Challenge’s highly popular ‘HaHa vs Hongchul’ special into a regular programme.

The first episode featured Kim Suro and Tak Jaehoon, where Kim Suro was declared the victor with a 6-4 victory over Tak Jaehoon.

The next episode features the battle of the idols, with original idols Shinhwa pitting themselves again beastly idols 2PM. The recording of this episode had already been completed in May.

However, as Nichkhun was involved in a DUI accident on 24 June, the producers have no choice but to edit out his scenes.

Meanwhile, even though ‘God of Victory’ is a spin-off from ‘Infinity Challenge’, the competitive spirit of the participants is keeping audiences entertained. All eyes are now on ‘God of Victory’ for the upcoming match-ups to be featured on the show.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa


7 thoughts on “[12.08.28] Nichkhun to be edited out of Shinhwa vs 2PM ‘God of Victory’ duel

  1. If only they air this episode as soon as after filming. All this kind of editing will not happen.

  2. Is this why it has taken so long for this episode to be aired? I don’t even know how they were able to edit Nichkhun’s scenes out “without disrupting the flow of the programme”. Come on, give the guy a break. I think everyone has punished him enough and he’s also apologized enough for what happened.

  3. Oh my goodness. Didn’t he already get is punishment? I feel bad for Nickhun, yes, but why must the other 11 members (2PM+Shinhwa) get punished for what he did a while ago? The PD’s not only punishing Nickhun.

  4. Even though Khun was involved in a DUI accident, he displayed deep regret on his behaviours and apologized sincerely in many media platforms, and promising he will never make this mistake again. His work in the industry had already been severely influenced, and his image was damaged as well. I really think Korean audiences and TV broadcasts should give him a chance.

  5. Ahh i hate editing.i like natural parts.at what hour will be aired? i feel a little sorry for the 2pm member.he didnt killed no one for God sake,but this is how it is when you live and work for a cruel world.*sigh*
    Btw! Shinhwa fighting!!!

  6. “We will edit out his scenes as far as we can without disrupting the flow of the program” – Can only hope they at least keep the parts of Khun’s competing otherwise it will disrupting the flow of the program…. poor Khun, Korean networks really punishing these DUI cases very severely and for a long time 😦

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