[12.08.27] Dongwan’s photolog: Nanjing

The entrance of the Nanjing International Conference Hotel. Where the air is really~ good.

A lot of people played with the girl’s hand…

People of all ages huddled here..^_^

A grandfather with a really cute grandson. The grandson who resembles cute and brave Sun Wukong…ㅎ
That child won’t see my blog, right?

A young girl and I, taking photos of each another~ Keep it well~ Nanjing’s night market

In Nanjing, there are exceptionally many smiling people and many children too.

Awesome alleys of Nanjing.

I saw this!! ^0^/







7 thoughts on “[12.08.27] Dongwan’s photolog: Nanjing

  1. Did Dongwan ssi took these photos,because whoever did this it has really talent like a profesionaL.
    I’m glad to see this post,it is like beeing there for few moments on that trip and see it through his eyes.^^

    1. to my knowledge, he does have a photoblog – and i’m sure this post is lifted from his blog which means these photos were taken by him. photography is his hobby – and I agree with you, he has such a good talent in photography. not only does his photo amazes me, his interpretation (like how he puts words into his photos as a sort of explanation) never fails me to keep me in awe. you should go check his photoblog sometimes, more of great photos there. 🙂

  2. Ne more thing, Dong Wan went with Hye Sung right? Why didn’t he take a picture of themselves? Why no Hye Sung…

  3. Woah! Dong Wan is so amazing! He’s like a professional photographer! The photos are all so splendid. And the girl that Dong Wan caught was taking photo of him, really lucky. She can be in Dong Wan’s camera! 왜????!!!! 😭

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