[12.08.24] 6 different flavors of Jang Hee-bin on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

*Lady Jang Hee-bin (Jang Hui-bin) is one of the most famous (or rather, notorious) royal concubines of the Joseon dynasty. Read more about her here.

Shinhwa members turned into 6 different versions of Jang Hee-bin for the upcoming episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast.

The ‘Sageuk* Channel’ episode features games involving popular sageuk characters for the ‘Sageuk Olympics’.
(*Sageuk – historical drama)

For the first time in 14 years since their debut, Shinhwa not only had to put on hanboks but also had to raise their voice pitches to sound like women, completing their perfect transformation into Jang Hee-bin.

Gagman Jang Dong-hyuk who took on the role of King Sukjong, attempted to find the real Jang Hee-bin by demanding that they proclaim “I am Jang Hee-bin!” in a coquettish manner, and through aegyo and other tough tests. The members then tried to prove their identities with bizarre dances and never-been-heard-before feminine voices.

The members attacked one another’s appearances and in particular, after seeing Eric dressed up as a woman, Andy even commented that he looked like “Wesley Snipes wearing make-up”. (Hahahahaha ANDY! SO MEAN!)

Catch the Shinhwa members’ portrayal of Jang Hee-bin on Shinhwa Broadcast’s Sageuk Olympics at 11pm on 25 August.

Credits: Etoday + Absolut Shinhwa
Additional stills from jTBC Shinhwa Broadcast official website

6 thoughts on “[12.08.24] 6 different flavors of Jang Hee-bin on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

  1. All the 6 beauties I have to pick Shin Hyesung .In the pic of them sitting ,he sits and “dressed” elegantly nad refined among them.simply cannot wait for the episode it will be awesomely funny .Shinhwa you’re great ,the legendary and in singing as well as entertaining,,cheers !

  2. lmao, the members red lipstick and 5oclock shadow is a no-no combination T-T
    but i’m exited for this episode 😀

  3. After all these years since the 8th jib in 2006, Eric the Wesley Snipes still going well eh? 😀
    Hyesung looks the prettiest, Junjin looks good too while Andy is quite cute
    WanSung didn’t wear the headpiece or may be later in the show?

    This competition is one I would mind members coming last lolz

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