[12.08.23] Info: Shinhwa 14th Anniversary Special DVD + Seoul Concert DVD


19 thoughts on “[12.08.23] Info: Shinhwa 14th Anniversary Special DVD + Seoul Concert DVD

  1. Beside these 2 DVD how about another round of their 10th Ann concert, I don’t seem to be able to get another replacement as I loved it very much to keep for memoirs..just a suggestion. and can make a comparison they do look more handsome and full of charismas now.

  2. Could we do something to be heard by KBS and ask for English suuuuuubs T_T even my mother language it is not I would llike to understand every silly joke !!

  3. Finally…i need them already…I hope i can have them, really not matter if have or not subs, i just wanna see their return and i´m sure they are sooo dorkies in these dvds that i´ll be laughing all the time. Please if know about pre-orders let me know too

  4. They gotta have English sub right?!!

    Come take my money hahaha gosh been waiting for this for so loooooong already!
    Wonder what KBS gotta do with these 2 DVD sets

  5. really?????i want it!!!!!!!!!! it is going to be hard again to haunt in seoul asking about their stuffs and those shop sallers would stare amazed:”who shinhwa?no one asks about them,just super junior..” i dont care about super junior,give ne shinhwa!!!! Q.Q i wonder about the price. ^^”

  6. I’ve been waitoing for this news since !st August, its great news ! When will be the pre-order ?? Lets not wait too long ,release Soon !, Thanks for the info

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