[12.08.20] Minwoo’s FB updates: Mental breakdown day

#1: What have I been doing since 3am til now ㅠㅜ I came to the airport not having gotten any sleep, and the trip got cancelled because of problems with the visa, and the staff members are having a hard time, and it’s raining, and my injured leg is hurting heol~~~ Major issues ㅎㅎㅎ Stressed out… Please give me a bottle of Red Bull~
(* | heol – Korean slang expression that conveys feelings of shock and disbelief.. Something like WTF or OMG)

#2: In the end we did set off~ Ah…..It’s been a mental breakdown the whole day ㅜㅠ

5 thoughts on “[12.08.20] Minwoo’s FB updates: Mental breakdown day

  1. Everyone having bad days ….i hope Minwoo will be ok soon,really. i wish to give him my health but my health is almoust as bad as his.lol.Maybe a hug?…nop.i guess he doesnt need that.Stay strong.Luv you.Fighting!^^”

  2. it was a very rough day for Minu. Not sure cus of the camera angle, he looks so skinny in that pic
    I’m glad Manager Lee also accompanies Minwoo for this trip. Eric dispatching his best manager for Minbongie 😀

    Hope things go better for Minwoo & the crew in Shanghai.

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