[12.08.18] Minwoo’s FB status update: The aftermath of the Asia tour

My leg is acting strangeㅜㅠ The aftermath of the Asia tour aaack! The back of my left knee joint doesn’t straighten well when I get up after sitting downㅠ I even trip as I’m walking… What am I going to do? ^^Anyone who can lend me a leg ㅎㅎ

Eric: Don’t even think of borrowing my leg.

5 thoughts on “[12.08.18] Minwoo’s FB status update: The aftermath of the Asia tour

  1. Minwoo, like most sportman they do have knee discomfort sometimes, a physiotherpist can help and some rest with exercises. You may have hurt it when you’re dancing during the tour ,don’t let this let you down you can still do your usual routine ,see a doctor for advice, I’m sure its the best

  2. LOL. This reminds me of the guys’ comments on Shinhwa Broadcast about giving a leg to Hyesung if he needed it because of his knee, but one of the problems would be the length of their legs. Eric, your leg would obviously be too long for Minwoo-ah. He’ll understand. xD

  3. lolz eric must troll huh? XP

    Sounds like Minwoo has some chronic condition with his leg. I remember he had leg problem too during Tokyo concert… Hope he gets it checked out & treated asap

  4. i will give my leg if he needs it,even though it is feminine.ahh but it wont be too notices because of the pants,so i give him mine with all my heart.damm.i felt that something’s wrong with his health ..O_O”
    and when i told my friend we prayed that nothing will happen.he needs some rest.dont work too hard my minwoo oppa.T_T

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