[12.08.08] Jaejoong: There are no idol groups who don’t experience conflicts

JYJ’s Jaejoong shared his thoughts on conflicts within idol groups in a recent interview with Star Today.

“Honestly speaking, I don’t think there are any idol groups who don’t experience conflicts. After all, the members are not family, and there will be members who are closer or get along better. In our case, we’re the type to talk about things openly.”

Sharing feelings and thoughts candidly, as opposed to keeping things bottled up, is the secret to good teamwork. Jaejoong then brought up the example of group Shinhwa, whose members have stuck by one another for the past 14 years.

“Not too long ago, Eric hyung uploaded a photo of the whole team, and I replied, ‘The hyungs look great. Shinhwa’s awesome’, after which he replied, ‘We’re just pretending to be close’. I think being able to say that so spontaneously, that’s amazing in itself.”

(unrelated info omitted)

Credits: Star Today + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[12.08.08] Jaejoong: There are no idol groups who don’t experience conflicts

  1. everyone is curious about other idols’ conflict ever since t-ara debacle surge up. xD that reply from eric is so candid, i’m sure everyone else will reply with that kind of reply too lol

  2. That reply is totally Eric!!! 😀

    It just proves how close knit the guys actually are for leadernim could pull a tease like that without being misunderstood cus every know darn well how Shinhwa roll 😛

  3. Communication,teamwork,commitments are essential to be in the group.Eric is not wrong in saying “pretending to be close” as in family brothers and sisters do fight but being siblings we forgive and forget and so as “give and take”
    Jaejoong as JYJ learnt and experience the “conflicts” which he must have in TVXQ ,such he can says “no idols groups don’t experience conflicts”-the feelings must be bitter and sad.
    Shinhwa experienced and Pretending, its works and they are still together- thats is important.I’m sure Jaejoong with JYJ will be so close like family.

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