[12.07.18] Minwoo’s Facebook status update: Have I turned into an ahjumma?

People look at me and call me an ahjumma.. I’ve been hooked on dramas lately.. Ah.. ‘The Chaser’ is the best drama.. Ah.. What should I do? It ended today ㅠ It’s my number one dramaㅜㅜ It’s the end! No…ㅠ A big round of applause for the whole cast, they’re indeed the best.. You’ve all worked hard~ Kim Sang Joong* sunbaenim I really miss you^^ But… What should I do to entertain myself.. Oh ho~ ‘Golden Time’ is interesting^^ When I search for ‘Lee Minwoo’, a lot of search results show Lee Seon Kyun** so I was curious.. It feels like this drama’s going to be a hit!! It’s nteresting~ ‘Gentlemen’s Dignity’ that everyone likes is really very interesting too~^^ But I’ve never really watched dramas hehe Have I turned into an ahjumma? Keke

*Minwoo worked with Kim Sang Joong in the film ‘Wontak’s Angel’
**Lee Seon Kyun’s character in ‘Golden Time’ is also called Lee Minwoo

3 thoughts on “[12.07.18] Minwoo’s Facebook status update: Have I turned into an ahjumma?

  1. By watching Kdrama you become “Ahjumma”-Minwoo must be kidding. If dramas are meant for ahjummas there’s millions around, you’re appreciating the stories of the show..K-dramas are plentiful lately, I too have become selective to the storline of it.So this is one of your way to relax,…mmmmmm
    just wondering ,have fun

  2. Ohh minwoo oppa. U are awesome and half of me admits to call u an ajumma but the other half doesnt. It is a good drama and will be missed. Its so cute that u are talking about this lol
    What else are u watching right now…. im so curious ^_^

  3. “But.. What should i do to entertain myself..?”
    Oh-ho oppa, this is more like a question i’m having right now!! Come on, quickly release your solo album or even surprise us with a movie (it’s been a while since wontak’s angel..), lol.

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