[12.07.14] Shinhwa’s Eric is one of T-ara’s ‘uncle fans’

Comedian Jang Dong-hyuk (he’s the guy who’s been MCing a few eps of Shinhwa Broadcast, eg the Olympics Channel and the School Channel) has revealed that Shinhwa member Eric is a fan of girl group T-ara.

Jang Dong-hyuk was the MC for T-ara’s commemorative fanmeeting for the inauguration of their official fanclub QUEEN’S held on 14 July, where he said, “I uploaded a photo that I took with T-ara in the waiting room on my Facebook page and Eric left a message telling me to tell Jiyeon that he’s a fan of hers.”

To that, Jiyeon replied, “Uncle Eric, please show lots of love to T-ara, and keep watching out for and support our activities. Thank you.”

Jang Dong-hyuk then tried to prompt Jiyeon to say one of Eric’s famous lines from the drama ‘Phoenix’, “Eric-oppa, because of you my heart is burning”, but Jiyeon deflected the request and in a show of love for her fans, said that she had to get permission from QUEEN’S before she could do that.

(unrelated info omitted)

Credits: Mydaily + Absolut Shinhwa

For reference, this is the Facebook post from Jang Dong-hyuk ^^:


2 thoughts on “[12.07.14] Shinhwa’s Eric is one of T-ara’s ‘uncle fans’

  1. around her dad’s age?? how can that be?! come’on Eric, you’re not that old yet!…you need to be at least 10 more yrs to be around her dad’s age.. .hee hee 😉 you’re still young!!! =)

  2. hehehe thanks for that extra FB translated convos between Jang Dong-hyuk & Eric….
    Donghyuk-ssi was panic it makes news, how cute 😀

    I think our guys age so well. RicMinWanSung are 79-ers and so is Donghyuk-ssi 😛

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