[12.07.11] Eric turns down ‘Law of the Jungle 2’ invitation, but who’s hurling rocks at him?

There are some other pretty negative articles about this going around but I won’t be translating those… Because being negative never helps.

In summary, some media have chosen to blow this matter up by quoting staff members from ‘Law of the Jungle 2’, saying that Eric’s side approached SBS about joining the show first and then changing his mind about it later. I highly doubt so but I refuse to dwell on this. Whatever it is – I’m pretty sure Eric has 5 other members and a family of staff behind him, not to mention an orange army supporting him as well… So I hope everything works out rosy for him. SHIN-HWAITING!


Shinhwa leader Eric is experiencing a great deal of stress these days. A variety show went ahead to release news of his participation to the press when the final decision had yet to be made, and as such Eric is now having a rough time because of this.

On the morning of 9 July, a newspaper article reported that Eric had agreed to participate in the Madagascar edition of SBS variety show ‘Law of the Jungle 2’.

Once the article was published, the media scrambled to report on this as well. But at that point in time, Eric had not confirmed his participation in the show and was due to meet the production team that very afternoon for final discussions. (Me: Once again… the glaring lack of Korean journalistic integrity)

In fact, Eric was in a meeting with the producers until the early hours of the morning to try to come to a consensus, but in the end he had to decline.

When news got out that Eric will not be appearing on the show after all, most netizens were understanding about Eric’s decision and expressed their disappointment.

But there were also criticisms (Me: BUT OF COURSE… What will the world become without negative netizens) coming from some netizens as well, “Why did he decide to go and then change his mind not to go now”, “Is he using scheduling conflicts as an excuse so that he can take part in other activities”. In particular, some netizens even posted some quotes from the production team, which were almost personal attacks. (Me: So much for professionalism.)

Eric had expressed that he had been very positive about joining ‘Law of the Jungle’. But apparently as he had prior schedule commitments such as jTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ and commercials, if he were to join the show, there would be pressure on everyone else to have to change their schedules, and he didn’t want that.

Even if Eric took up the show, he also wouldn’t have been able to set off together with Kim Byung-man and the rest of the cast, and could only join them later. As such, overall plans for the show could be affected and after considering in detail, he decided to turn down the opportunity.

Eric himself is most disappointed about not being able to participate in the programme. Although ‘Law of the Jungle’ is a popular show that anyone would have wanted to join, Eric chose to honor his prior obligations instead of going with his personal interests. There’s no reason to fault him for that.

In particular, casting negotiations were leaked to the media when it should have been handled confidentially. Instead of criticizing Eric who racked his brains before arriving at a decision, shouldn’t we be applauding him for honoring his promises? (Me: THIS!)

Credits: Asiatoday + Absolut Shinhwa

14 thoughts on “[12.07.11] Eric turns down ‘Law of the Jungle 2’ invitation, but who’s hurling rocks at him?

  1. why people against eric? this is not the first case of stars turning down a variety regular offer after the news broke out. and of course, they’ll say eric ‘positively’ approach the project, why would they say that he approached it ‘negatively’, c’mon. it could be for any reason and it’s not an utterly bad move. it’s his life and career, what does eric obliged to sbs variety anyway?

    on the other note, what’s up with sbs variety dept lately? for drama casts, things like this is often happened… but it’s kinda rare to see variety blew up one name or show before an exact confirmation (coughleeseunggicough).

  2. Eric first of all, i salute you for being good with your words and loyalty to your prior commitments. Secondly, Eric whatever negative reports you are having it only proves that you are popular, correction superstar for theres a saying good or bad publicity is still a good publicity, it will arouse or creates more news about you being a good and honorable man. So ignoring them is really the best thing to do for as long as you know that you didn’t harm and do bad things to them.
    Whatever happens, Im one of the many many fans who will support you. Just stay handsome, cool and healthy as you are, let the fate take its own course. Believe and have faith to our Almighty Creator and always give thanks and praises to HIM. Love you always

  3. ” Instead of criticizing Eric who racked his brains before arriving at a decision, shouldn’t we be applauding him for honoring his promises?”
    yes~~ our leadernim….fighting!!!
    every decision you make we always support you……
    you has orange ocean behind you that can destroy land of critism…..^^

  4. Eric be strong because you are not alone Shinhwa is behind you and Shinhwa Changjo is always behind Shinhwa supporting all of you no matter what so Eric Leadernim we love you and will support your decisions to the end so Keep Hwaiting!

  5. ERIC ,man with integrity,dignity who choose to honor his earlier obligations and couldn’t find time for another show we simply cannot fault him. Reporters,nertizens can write or say what they like but unclear,incorrect and negatives news shouldn’t be said about a person who has not agree to appear on the show ,yet.
    Having just completed his concerts with Shinhwa, filming of their Broadcasts and other activities he need time to sought the schedules.He has his priorities and obligations to fulfill we cannot fault him at all.Hope Eric not concern about the negatives articles and stay forcus on his current activity, we follow the leader, Eric………………fighting !

  6. there would ALWAYS be netizens who are negatively opinionated and medias who didn’t try to get their facts right before reporting their so-called news….hope Eric doesn’t take all these negative stuff too seriously, but jux take them as a pinch of salt….he had done what he needed to do (i.e.”…chose to honor his prior obligations instead of going with his personal interests…”) and he should be well-respected for that

    this world would be SO MUCH better without these negative ppl or ‘bad media’ around….but who are we to fool? they would be around….even for us, we get negative thoughts at times =) so… Eric fighting!!! Shinhwa fighting!!! SHCJ fighting!!! hee…can’t stop myself with the fighting thingy, it’s getting addictive…lol 😉

    1. Yes, that’s why the world is round, reporters/papparrazi we cannot stop them from making news.Eric stay strong,don’t let such things make you down,you have us !

  7. I am sorry but this is sooooo laughable. Get mad at the man because he chose to honor his business contracts. Netizens annoy me greatly. Eric, noona has got your back hunny bunny!


    Media just can’t stand still with good news huh? u have to try to wreck things up huh?! i hope what ever media or netizen who have those negative comments, will be regretting everything they’ve said, big time!!!

  9. To be honest, I don’t see how Eric approaching the show first cause:

    1: Shinhwa Broad cast filming schedle is severly affected if he must film LoJ for 2 whole months
    2: Variety ain’t his strengh

    Some nertizens are so mean. “Is he using scheduling conflicts as an excuse so that he can take part in other activities” ~ must he or any one excepting any offer throwing their ways? GEESH!!!!!

    Beside, Shinhwa Broadcast filming schedule is 1st priority is FACT!

    god damn, just stay away from SBS, Eric!

    I don’t know why they always like to fault him at every freaking chance >.<

    1. @phi
      Its the first time i read your comment that you are so annoyed and mad phi, i always follow your comment and your article. Thank you for supporting eric, It only proves that He is so popular for when a tree is full of fruits, people tends to take all what they can get out of it. For me even its a negative article, it will only helps him more to become popular, for the whole world knew that eric is not an opportunist and he is a very honorable man…..

      1. heeee sorry I totally lost my cool. I guess I was more irritated cus they made up all these stuffs to fault him… and saying he’s using Shinhwa Broadcast as excuse to get out for his own gains… I wish I could be positive but seeing these bs just makes me more upset, specially how much stress he’s been under… Obviously SBS was milking this to get more buzz: starting with leaking the potential casting to the media before it was even finalized & then making thing up to blame him for not joining tsk tsk

        I think Eric must have nerve of steel to stand these bs from the media all these years… gosh I hope he’ll be rewarded handsomely one day 😀

        On a lighter note, yesterday Eric posted a pic with his high school best of friend YONGBAE on FB 😀 Isn’t Youngbae much skinnier now than the cap shown on Shinhwa Broadcast? or just because he shaved all the wavy hairs.. XDD https://p.twimg.com/AxpQULQCAAAAKQw.jpg Looks like they stood next to a rescue airplane? Wonder what were they doing there and if they gotta fly the thing at all 😀 And of course Eric is in another Abercrombie top AGAIN! They should pay him for promoting just like Minwoo to pay Junjin for wearing M cap all the time XDDD

  10. Hmm… is this somehow related to those obscure posts made few days ago? Reporters can write some of the most despicable things anyways. Eric fighting! ^^

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