[12.07.09] Eric’s Facebook update: Will anyone notice when I fall down at the back?

There are a lot of people around me. If I were to listen to all of their problems, my own grievances and problems just become insignificant. I’ve never been the type to stand in front to pave the way and lead the pack. More of standing behind as the Maginot Line of defense, to guarantee practical gains and watching from the back of the pack to make sure that no one falls behind? But often I wonder if anyone notices when I, who’s walking behind, falls down. It’s right for Minwoo to walk in front and for me to walk behind, we can’t have both of us walking in front or walking behind, but lately things have been really messy. It’ll be good if things are put in order and I want to get things in order but because I’ve already experienced and understood that ‘only time can give the answer’, there’s nothing else I can do but to believe and wait. When will they realize that we’re not fools who put in hard work and then can’t calculate our gains and losses?

14 thoughts on “[12.07.09] Eric’s Facebook update: Will anyone notice when I fall down at the back?

  1. May I ask, how can u see his post ? I heard that Minwoo’s and Eric’s facebook profile are private ~~

  2. I trust that the other members will notice if you have fallen.

    I can’t see any of the shinhwa members falling and having none of the other members helping him back up.

  3. Stupid question coming up….. Is this a translated post or did eric wrote in english??? *feel free to visually slapped me*

  4. It’s heart-breaking seeing leader-nim posting things like that, especially the question if anyone would notice when he falls down behind. In any case, i trust and hope that the boys in the middle also support and look after their leaders in front and behind. Eric fighting!!

  5. Eric take a step backward and observe and visualise ,yes things abit messy as the ShinCom just beginning its operation and they have to do broadcast,concerts and concerts,other activities.Now its the time to do admin works and continue their normal activites ,its difficult, can be complicated.
    You concern,you care about the people around you and have no time for yourself,take a breather,relax and charge your energy.Whatever project you undertake ,you must have a reason to accept or refuse.
    To say we don’t know you fall,you hurt its incorrect .Having to stand behind Minwoo or any other member, because they trust,know and believe you be there to watch them as buddies for 14 years.
    Eric stands out as a leader(which he is to Shinhwa)and now doing the role of CEO is tough , we know, we care.so smile it can be brighten your moods, your day, your frustrations (if you have).

  6. I wonder whats goin on… I hope there isnt any big problems within ShinCom..whatever it is, I believe leadernim will persevere.. God bless him.

    1. It could be about the SBS’ Law of Jungle show that most likely he doing this show to get on good term with SBS for Shinhwa’s gain for their next year comeback and he’s just simply frustrated at what ppl telling what to do/not to do when they don’t know how things are as well as certain expectation ppl having for him without caring for his feeling…..

  7. I’m just taking it as it is. It’s hard ‘guessing’ what this post is about without knowing what triggered it.

    Leadernim, like you said, to believe & wait is what I’ll do. All the best! ❤

  8. “but lately things have been really messy” i´m wonder what happened?…Eric is really a wise leader is better if you let some things to the time…

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