[12.07.09] Eric to join ‘Law of the Jungle 2’? “Will decide after meeting the producers”

Eric’s reps have clarfied that “nothing is confirmed yet” with regards to him joining SBS variety show ‘Law of the Jungle 2’.

Top Class Entertainment told Joynews24 on the morning of 9 July, “It’s true that he’s currently considering joining the show but nothing has been firmed up yet.”

Eric is reportedly considering to join the Madagascar edition of SBS variety show ‘Law of the Jungle 2’. The rep added, “We’ll be meeting the producers again today. We’ll discuss the details of the schedule before making a decision. We will make a decision after careful consideration, because ‘Law of the Jungle 2’ requires commitment over an extended period of time.”

The producer of the show Lee Ji-won told Newsen, “It’s true that we’re still in discussions with Eric about him joining the show but nothing has been confirmed yet. He will probably make a final decision by tomorrow after we meet him this afternoon.”

The ‘Law of the Jungle’ team has recently decided on Madagascar as their next location after visiting Vanuatu and the Siberian Tundra. New members include Ryu Dam from Season 1 and Jeon Hyebin as the new female member.

The team is expected to depart on 20 July but Producer Lee Ji-won said, “The team that has gone for the site survey has not returned yet. As flights are not readily available, the dates will be confirmed after assessing the local condition and flight status.”

Credits: Joynews24 + Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.07.09] Eric to join ‘Law of the Jungle 2’? “Will decide after meeting the producers”

  1. really? wow i want to see him!! but if he take on this project, he’ll (almost) absolutely miss some shinbang episodes since it’d occupied several weeks for this show filming. argh what to do~ >~< anyway, sbs can't resist the temptation of having shinhwa in their variety shows after all… kke. though i still held hope for shinhwa guesting in running man together as a group, the law of the jungle 2 doesn't lose to running man in terms of rating/popularity either. they're relatively new but already gained 15~% and currently #1 at their slot, maybe they want to get more viewers by adding idols to the cast lineup…

  2. hah, Jeon Hyebin, Eric’s ex-co star in Poseidon is casted for this show too….

    I think the biggest challenge in making the decision is to coordinate and work out a scheduling for this show & Shinhwa Broadcast filming.

    I honestly prefer Eric to do a drama/movie but he probably won’t have time for that with prepping Shinhwa’s album & activities next year. Beside, I can’t help but thinking Eric probably taking this SBS variety show to put Shinhwa in good term with SBS for next year stage performance there as well as SBS other popular shows like Running Man & Strong Heart.

    Can’t wait to find out the final decision as well as the scheduling arrangements IF he’s confirmed.

    1. @phi. You aRe absolutely right phi, I got the feeling Eric is trying to build the bridge between sbs and shinhwa, I want to see him in drama too coz I missed him acting. I think shinhwa broadcast will always be his priority, if in case this jungle 2 will pursue, Eric will be worn out and tired. Just be careful Eric and stay healthy, God Bless You. I will always and forever support you whatever projects you may in. Fighting

      1. I’m glad he won’t go but from his FB post and his reply to LoJ producer, I have feeling he wanted to do this (schedule permitting). May be Shinwa Broadcast can do a segment of surviving the wilderness later on :d

        Hope SBS won’t get butt hurt with him not accepting their offer to be on the show….from Poseidon to this, he’s just not faithed to be with SBS for some time I guess XDDDD

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