[12.07.08] Junjin, “The member most likely to get married first is Dongwan”

At the 6th July press conference for the Beijing concert, Shinhwa member Junjin picked fellow member Kim Dongwan as the one most likely to get married first.

To this, Lee Minwoo said, “The members often talk who’s going to get married first. Marriage is also an important issue to us. But there are still many things for us as Shinhwa to do so it’s not really the right circumstances to get married yet.”

Andy then added, “I think I was the first among the members to get married”, referring to his appearance on MBC variety show ‘We Got Married’ as a virtual couple with Solbi. Junjin continued, “I appeared on the show too… But let’s not talk about that”, drawing laughter from the audience with his remarks.

Leader Eric said, “Some of the fans have gotten married and now have children, so we feel a little upset when they tell us not to get married. But as an example, when an actor who only shows his comedic side, decides to show his serious side in a movie, the audience may not be able to fully accept it. So as professionals we will observe the basic courtesy to the fans who like us, and inform everyone once we’ve decided on marriage.

Credits: Mydaily + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[12.07.08] Junjin, “The member most likely to get married first is Dongwan”

  1. I will not pick who is to marry first, but I believe whoever got hitched will start the ball rollings .I wish them well and happy for them in their choice. I have a strange feeling that they Shinhwa want to have a family life and perhaps they already have make plans for it…good and we shall see Shinwas’ grow in number (juniors)

  2. lot of pple on my t-list are dreading the ‘big moments’ but they do embracing Shinhwa getting hitched and having Shinhwa juniors 😀

    Can’t wait to see who gets hitched 1st… My guess was Dongwanie but after his recent breakup (this is another one after another breakup before he starting Hedwig last year right?), he moved down a few spot on the who-get-married-1st list 😀 now with Junjin’s troll, Wan is on the top list again XDD dare not bet on it though 😛

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