[12.07.08] Grooming newcomers, solo activities, acting – the blueprint for 14-year Shinhwa

Shinhwa has shared their plans for individual activities at a press conference held on 6 July, ahead of their concert in Beijing.The concert also marked a successful conclusion to Shinhwa’s comeback activities after 4 years and their Asia tour.

The group members will now embark on individual activities while concurrently continuing with their team activities, which can be considered the first ever to occur. They will further strengthen Shinhwa’s name with their solo projects, including solo albums and acting projects. How will they be meeting the public in future?

Group leader Eric said, “First of all, nothing has been confirmed (for next year) but in terms of the period and the duration, it will be similar to this year. Before that, the members will be releasing solo albums or embarking on our individual projects. The individual activities can be of help to Shinhwa as well.”

Kim Dongwan added, “Our target is to release one (group) album a year. We want to release an album and have promotional activities every year.”

Then what about their individual activities? Andy said, “We’ll continue with our work as MCs. I’ll also be introducing a new 7-member group in August, as well as showing different sides through various activities. I’ll be actively involved in the preparation for Shinhwa’s activities next year too.”, sharing his plans to groom another successful idol group after Teen Top.

Kim Dongwan also shared his desire for acting, “I’ll continue to appear on Shinhwa Broadcast every week, and also work on either movies or dramas in Korea. The second half of the year for me will consist mainly of acting activities. But if the fans don’t want that I’ll just concentrate on working out.”

Lee Minwoo said, “Shinhwa activities will continue with Shinhwa Broadcast. For me, I think I have to do a lot of work and studying for Shinhwa’s concept and stage performances next year, and also be involved in work as a producer. I want to release a solo album, but the plans are for a digital single or single. I’m also planning for a solo concert starting from Korea, then to Japan or China.”

Shin Hyesung said, “There are no exact dates yet but I should be releasing an album in the fall or during winter, and there are also plans for a solo concert. I’ll have activities not just in Korea but overseas as well, and I’ll actively support the members in their individual activities.”

Junjin, “I will focus on recovery first. No matter what, Shinhwa Broadcast is the most important thing right now, isn’t it? I haven’t worked on acting projects for a long time and I’m looking through some drama scripts, but there are plans to start with acting projects in China first. I’m also planning for concerts and fanmeetings.”

The Beijing concert is the 7th and final stop of Shinhwa’s Asia tour, which started on 30 April in Shanghai and traveled to Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. As the longest-running group in Korea, Shinhwa have successfully ended their comeback activities which commenced on 4 March, and also proved to their fans in Asia that they’re still very much going strong.

Credits: TVDaily + Asia Today + Absolut Shinhwa

8 thoughts on “[12.07.08] Grooming newcomers, solo activities, acting – the blueprint for 14-year Shinhwa

  1. but if the fans don’t want that i’ll just concentrate on working out

    lol, dongwan~ indeed the wit guy xD

      1. unfortunately I don’t find the k-article though she refers the sources for the excerpts from newsen, tvdaily, joinsmsn, osen, mydaily…. I’m digging some more XD

  2. With the ending of their Return concerts Asia tour,Shinhwa’s member are busy with their activities. The Broadcast is entertaining and funny ,they will be forcusing on their solo activities which is encouraging .I hope the new album will be release soon, and the DVD too.
    Shinhwa Company CEOs Eric and Minwoo must be feeling relief and happy that the Comeback had successfully completed .They will embarked on their solo projects and the thoughts mentioned that each of their activities will help Shinhwa ,is gratifying. Shinhwa has comeback and will stay as 6 for a long,long.long time…………see you soon as Shinhwa, please do not let wait too long (on stage)

  3. There’s no mention about Eric’s solo activity? I read an excerpt of the Beijing presscon and it said something about “Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems like I need to start preparing for Shinhwa’s comeback next year. I will have solo activities if it’ll be helpful to Shinhwa”… I haven’t seen the video clip of Beijing presscon or understand what was said any way 😛

    1. The article I read made no reference to his solo activities. If you can point me to the original article I can try to see what I can fish out.

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