[12.07.07] ShinCom Twitter: Thank-you messages from the members

[Minwoo] The surprise present I received at the last show of the Asia tour in Beijing^^ I’m really moved~ The ‘to you’ at the end of the birthday song~ Everyone was so cute^^ But in any case I can’t bring this present along with me ㅜㅜ http://t.co/sQSxldJG

[Eric] The Asia tour has ended successfully with the last show in Beijing. Everyone has worked hard ‘xin ku le’(You’ve worked hard in Chinese) ~ Thank you! I want to watch Shinhwa Broadcast…. Ah

[Andy] Thank you to everyone who has supported our activities from 24 March 2012 until now. Til we meet you again with our next album, please give all your support to our individual activities! All of us have worked really hard. Thank you! I love you!

[Junjin] Time passed by really quickly… Sorry that I couldn’t put up a perfect performance because I’m unwell ^,.^ In return I’ll show you an even better side of me next year! I hope you’ll look forward to it! Wo ai ni men (I love you in Chinese) (At the last concert in Beijing)

[Hyesung] My heartfelt thanks to the fans and the staff who have worked hard for the Asia tour, thank you very much. We’ll prepare for a great concert next year too so we’ll meet you again. I’m feeling a little odd hmmm… Anyway e~~~n~~~d~~~!!!

[Dongwan] Returning after a long time, everyone – and us – have just started to warm up, but it’s such a pity that it has already ended. We’ll be back next year with even better Shinhwa activities… So while you ‘cheat’ on us a little, please come back to us again next year~

3 thoughts on “[12.07.07] ShinCom Twitter: Thank-you messages from the members

  1. Hahaha, poor eric so looking forward to watch shinhwa broadcast, hope he didn’t faint when he found out about that dirty secret behind the apple he ate..
    Hyesung’s “e~~n~~d” was ultra cute, love it!!
    Thank u boys for coming back as shinhwa. Dont worry dongwan, once a shinhwa fan, always a shinhwa fan.

  2. To reflect on the Shinhwa Comeback,Returns the members had worked really hard and I’m happy for them that it ends well for Shinhwa and the fans.The fans remember Shinhwa 14 years ago and now,and had become closer as one family. Its is shown with the presentation of a big “M” to Minwoo and the supports to every country concerts.Though Hyesung injured his knee in the first concert in Seoul (on 25/3) it does not dampened the spirit of themselves and the fans cheers to lift it up to complete the tour with some injuries as well along the way with other member.
    I witnessed the Comeback in Seoul and the Returns in SG ,and I’m glad that I did. To wait for next year seem abit long but I’ll wait and ;lets party again then.
    Meanwhile take care and fulfill your individual commitment and rejoin as Shinhwa soon,Hyesung take good care of you knee and have therapy,Junjin take care too we need to see Shinhwa as 6 and thank you I had a wonderful time watching you guys on stage !!!

  3. wow! the present they gave to Minwoo (the big M)!!! I wonder if Minwoo teared up when he saw the gift…can’t wait to see the clip that they sang the birthday song to him!! And Dong Wan is SO FUNNY when he pointed out “while you ‘cheat’ on us a little, please come back to us again next year~” HAHA…couldn’t help but chuckle at that….Hope we really get to see them again next yr!! Till then, Shinhwa Fighting!!! SHCJ Fighting!!! =)

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