[12.06.29] ShinCast news: Eric’s meek rookie manager airs his grievances about Eric

On the upcoming 30th June episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast, the rookie manager for Shinhwa leader Eric shares his grievances and unhappiness in the 3rd part of the ‘God of MT’ special.

During the recording of the episode, the Shinhwa members played a game of dodgeball against their managers, with the prize being a sumptuous dinner menu of Chuncheon specialities like dakgalbi and buckwheat noodles.

Before the game however, the managers aired their grievances about the members, resulting in a tense psychological battle between the two teams. In particular, Eric’s usually meek and quiet rookie manager (Kim Bogeun) also shared his unhappiness with Eric, surprising the members in the process.

He poured out his grievances about the blunt and curt ways of Eric, who was embarrassed and unable to defend himself. The other members took the opportunity to reproach Eric, passing remarks like “that’s really mean”, “how could you do that?”

This episode will be aired on 30 June at 10.55pm (KST).

Credits: TV Daily + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.06.29] ShinCast news: Eric’s meek rookie manager airs his grievances about Eric

  1. haha don’t the media love Eric too much? They mention Eric most of the time in these Shinhwa Broadcast ‘preview’ news post. 😛 The articles are often sounds serious than the actual episode XD

    Uri manager newbie Bogeun doesn’t know how to handle Eric, he’s too young unlike manager Lee. Bogeun just needs sometime time to adjust to 4D Eric XD. I doubt Eric minds too much at Bogeun dissing on Shinhwa Broadcast otherwise he would be dismissed already OR Boguen could leave too if he’s miserable XD It was more for laughter I believe…. 😀

    Eric’s previous manager Lee Joonhyun (now promoted to Shinhwa chief manager) was Eric’s manager for almost 10 years. Eric gotta treats his manager well for some one to stay on that long right? 😀 Yup Eric is frank, blunt, cold and has certain expectation from his manager… but he also treat his manager well (not just financially 😛 )

    Hang in there uri Bogeun, I hope you get a car too some years from now…. 😀

    1. I know haha. I think all the article previews mention Eric. Perhaps because he’s the leader and CEO of Shinhwa Company, so people pay more attention to him.

  2. Eric being leader of the Shinhwa comes a long way till now,he lead the team and to manage him can be tough.He may have high expectation of his manager, so naturally he wil be difficult to handle. His manager is fortunate to have this moment to air his views
    After this episode lets hope Eric and his manager understand each other better and work closer to foster better working relationship, the team too .

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