[12.06.26] The reasons why we just have to love Shinhwa Broadcast

Shinhwa Broadcast broke its own ratings record when it achieved a rating of 1.87% for the Seoul Metropolitan Area (figures from AGB Nielsen Media Research) for the episode aired on 23rd June. With this, Shinhwa Broadcast has broken the 1% ratings mark for the 4th consecutive week, and with viewer ratings for general programming channels averaging 0.3-0.5%, the program has established itself as jTBC’s flagship variety program.

The 23rd June episode of jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast featured Shinhwa leader Eric being the victim of a hidden camera prank by his fellow members. Though it was fun to see Eric thoroughly humiliated by the embarrassing punishments, viewers were also moved by the Shinhwa members expressing their faith in, and affection for their leader Eric via their video messages. So what are the key reasons that keeps us looking forward to Saturday nights with Shinhwa Broadcast?

1. Humiliation without hesitation – Shinhwa’s “letting-go” variety

“Letting-go”, as defined by Shinhwa’s little prince Shin Hyesung, means “letting go of myself (my inhibitions)”. Shin Hyesung, who melts female hearts with his delicate features and emotive voice, wore a Tarzan suit for Shinhwa Broadcast, and drew laughter for his unexpected physical comedy. His “bad acting” and “bad emceeing” – as assessed by the members – is a new side to him that can only be seen on Shinhwa Broadcast.

However, more than anyone else, Eric – who played a chaebol in ‘Phoenix’, an arrogant top star in ‘Spy Myungwol’, a ruthless killer in ‘Bittersweet Life’ – has proven to be the greatest character reversal. His striking features and his deep voice have created a perfect misunderstanding as the public thinks of him as a man of few words.

In Episode 1, Eric managed to still look sharp as he transformed into the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’, but by Episode 15 his’stupid hyung’ image was established as he did the pelvic dance in flowery pants, and strutted down the marketplace wearing a short lacy skirt.

They may be thinking, ‘do we have to embarrass ourselves to this extent’, but the two of them – known for their oil-and-water relationship – have thrown aside their image, and have drawn laughter for being “unexpectedly” candid and black-hole. With variety veteran Junjin, and fellow members Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan and Andy, naturally working themselves into the plot, this episode drew even greater laughs.

2. ‘Pretend if we have to’ – The perfect 14-year teamwork

Apart from the time they spent as SM Entertainment trainees, the members of the longest-running idol group Shinhwa have already spent 14 years together, and during the filming process, they know what one another is thinking – “he’s really angry”, “he’s sulking now” – just by looking at one another’s faces. Such impressive teamwork seems even more exceptional with the members uniting to make Eric’s hidden camera episode a success. Eric, who’s usually quick on the uptake, couldn’t see through their ploy right until the end.

The performers working together, the performers’ reactions and the characters they create, these are the most important things in variety. To these 6 guys, it seems that they don’t need the ‘variety adjustment period’ to be in sync with one another. When Kim Dongwan pulls one of his childish gags, his cut gets spared from getting edited out when he earns either a hit or a reprimanding reaction from Eric; while Andy gives it his all in ‘over-dancing’ and creates the new variety character of ‘O-dance Master’. As they understand one another’s character, they are unpretentious and don’t try to force laughs.

In the ‘MT Channel’ episode, although Shin Hyesung makes a potentially fatal blunder when he mentions the upcoming game (which they are not supposed to know about yet), the other members cover up for him by slyly and naturally changing the topic to divert Eric’s attention. This ‘pretend-if-we-need-to’ chemistry among the members enabled the hidden camera conspiracy to conclude successfully.

But even with such perfect teamwork, they’re still hopeless at soccer.

3.  Endless possibilities with ‘OO Channel’

The final reason why Shinhwa Broadcast is receiving a lot of love, and will continue to do so in the long run, is that it doesn’t have a fixed format, and thus there are many different challenges they can take on.  Shinhwa is able to bring laughter with every new theme and challenge they take on.  Shinhwa fans who are familiar with Shinhwa as ‘idol singers’ will be able to see a new side to them, while the public can get to see the real Shinhwa, and thus the number of Shinhwa Broadcast viewers are also steadily increasing.

Of course with the many ‘real variety’ programs out there,the material shown on Shinhwa Broadcast isn’t exactly original either. But the main concept is to capitalize on Shinhwa members’ understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses to draw laughs, thus making it subtly different. PD Yoon Hyun Joon highlighted this very point during the press conference in March. “I believe that even if it’s something that has been done on other shows, Shinhwa will be able to give it a new lease of life.”

In addition, Shinhwa Broadcast’s production team is now accepting ideas from viewers via the guestboard on the show’s official homepage. With a wide range of ideas and suggestions being collected from the guestboard every week, it looks like there won’t be a lack of materials for the time being.

Overcoming the limits of general programming channels, Shinhwa Broadcast is now starting to make its presence felt and leaving its distinctive mark.  Not only does it rank among the real-time top-searched keywords before and after the show, it has also leapfrogged over its lowest ratings of 0.3% for its first episode to be given the honor of being labeled as the ‘Infinity Challenge’ of general programming channels.

To Shinhwa, who is prepared to fight to the end with Shinhwa Broadcast, “Do you hope that Shinhwa Broadcast can become a long-running program just like Countryside Diary? As long as you can keep this up, it will happen. Don’t you worry!”

Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

12 thoughts on “[12.06.26] The reasons why we just have to love Shinhwa Broadcast

  1. Well,shinbang brought me to became their fans xD ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (not to mention that their music is also one of the reason)

  2. Reblogged this on eatdosirak and commented:
    This show is the one that i was looking for to make me feel happy, forget about tasking and laugh alot nowadays. i love their relationship, sense of humor, act-like-a-kid, weirdo and many things of them..^^ hope this show will airing for a long time until forever kkkk~ it’s recommended!

  3. as a korean variety shows viewers, i (and many people) noticed that things has changed a LOT from back then….

    personally, what i love from shinbang is their “good old days” vibe they bring. this show is just felt so different from another variety shows i currently religiously follow (go figure, lol). shinbang seems to put members’ interaction and talk skill upfront instead of concept. kinda like x-man and love letter: repetitive, slow, but it display the variety skill of the casts. that’s why when they brought guests without good variety sense, the guests can be practically invisible (example: female guests in ep 9-10). it can be good and bad for the show, as inviting famous guests to variety shows can do something with rating. and amazing concept can also be a trait for the show. but for me, variety show’s “duty”, first and foremost, is to entertain us. and shinbang didn’t fail to entertain me. likewise, the other variety shows out there also didn’t fail to entertain me.

    however, there’s another thing i noticed from this show, which is different from various shows i’m currently digging. yes, this show is of course *scripted* to some degree like every variety show, no need to deny that. but with shinhwa, i can feel it as less-scripted. their reaction seems to be so spontaneous and candid. watching shinhwa broadcast is the same like when i watch their interviews/backstage/concert. it’s like they live in variety for the rest of their life, or the other way round, they’re just being themselves in variety shows.

    that’s said, i really love current trend in variety shows, along with their brilliant concepts, but i can’t deny that i love the “good old days” shinbang bring. idk if they later want to *shift* shinbang to current variety show trends, but i’ve to say, i enjoyed what they’ve brought to us until now. and i’m too lazy to change. lol.

  4. Hahaha, this is great news! I trully believe shinhwa broadcast is capable of reaching even higher ratings! it’s pure entertainment, i’m sure non-shinhwa fans will have as much laugh as shinhwa fans when watching shinhwa broadcast. There are 15 episodes so far and i cannot really decide which one is my favourite episode coz there’s always something uniquely funny in each episode! Shinhwa broadcast fighting!!

  5. definately the best boy band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHINHWA………..they have charms that no other have..

  6. Even with such teamwork,when it comes to soccer they are hopeless. Hahahaha my favorite line. Lol. Shinbang hwaittin ^^

  7. would you have the link to Shinhwa Broadcast’s guest board? wonder if only K-viewers could leave comments/suggestion or it’s available to every one 😀

      1. awh so it’s just nuisance as KBS for registration 😀

        Thanks for the link Sumi, going to peek every once in a while what peeps are suggesting for the show, google trans better not fail me XD

  8. hats off to these 6 guys (specially the inexperienced RicSung) for throwing away all their image just for Shinhwa Broadcast.

    No doubt their flow, chemistry, reaction with one another on the so is just so nature and that makes it interesting & hilarious. I’m glad they get to work with a production team that know them for a long time and know them so well to bring out the best gags/moments from these 6 guys

    Shinhwa Broadcast is the next best thing that happened after the birth of Shinhwa Company ❤

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