[12.06.26] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (main page updated)

Just a little background to this post – Liveworks has actually just posted an official apology on Dongwan’s official website but I don’t have time to translate the whole notice so here’s the gist of it:

There’s a preview screening for Dongwan’s movie ‘Yeongasi’ tomorrow, and there are 100 tickets allocated to Liveworks, which they decided to distribute to Dongwan’s largest fansite since the event is tomorrow and there’s really no time. Some of the other fans got a little upset and questioned why the tickets were given only to that particular fansite and not the rest of the fans.

So in any case – Liveworks apologised for their inexperience in handling this matter and said that they’re going to hold an additional event where fans get to watch a special screening with Dongwannie… So I hope everything’s all good now ^^


Recently, when problems or misunderstandings arise among the members,
It has been the Liveworks staff who have been resolving most of them.
I’ve never seen or heard of a company like this.

Please refrain from dismissing them based on one mistake.
Please do me this favor.

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

2 thoughts on “[12.06.26] Dongwan’s Naver blog: 2012 (main page updated)

  1. Ah, is that what he was talking about? I saw a translation of this elsewhere and didn’t understand at all. Thank you for the explanation!

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