[12.06.18] Eric’s Facebook update: I really want to fall in love

Good night everybody~

Text on picture
I really want to fall in love
The sky is so blue, the stars are really pretty…
Please let me have a lover who will agree with me
Even if I say pointless things like this
From now on I won’t have dirty thoughts, so please…

15 thoughts on “[12.06.18] Eric’s Facebook update: I really want to fall in love

  1. hope she’ll fall in love with you too CEO-E, fall in love to who you really are, and make you happy and get along with other member.

    1. does he not get along with members? XD

      Minwoo wants to have kids, RicWan’s love posts, Love bugs must be in S’pore air 😛
      hard enough to find that ‘perfect’ some one, it’s much harder for pple in the biz circle.
      I hope Shinhwa will be blessed with finding their ‘perfect’ Mrs (as perfect as she is to them 🙂 )

      1. i think Ling meant whoever the girl that Eric ends up with, will get along with the other members 😉

        1. aigooo my baboo reading XD

          It’s interesting to see how / if the future Mrs-es will have any change to Shinhwa dynamic 😀
          I hope for the better, just like how Shinhwa parents are 🙂

  2. wonder if he wrote that or quoted that note….

    hope they’ll all find the loves of their life soon, to have and to hold each other for ever…

  3. oppa-____-you break my heart to bits> <….. On the one hand I want you to be happy …. On the other hand, I hurt from the fact that you have someone there …..-___-I so want to be your favorite .. get married and give birth to a son and daughter ^ ^ … and I'm not just a dream …. I plan to come in the near future and achieve their goals .. OPPA Nanun tongshinun sarang hamnida

  4. All the best, leader-nim, hope u meet the right girl soon, or if u’ve met her, hope she say yes to you!!

  5. Perhaps Eric has met someone he adores, seem like he is confessing to her-I really want to fall in Love”I wish him happiness and she respect you .You know if she is right for you, its mutual feelings and it will happen to you and the rest too.

  6. don’t worry oppa.. you are a good man, You will met a good women to be your soul mate. Mmmm, or you already met her,? Asiana stewardess? Whoever she is, i hope that women can make you happy…

  7. I think Eric is in love with someone, hahaha is it the asiana stewardess.? Just remember to ask our almighty God on this matter for the good husband or wife comes from God. Hope too that you fall in love soon, for if she’s the right girl, you will have more inspiration in living..

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