[12.05.29] Minwoo’s Facebook photo update: Give me back my leg (added Eric’s comments)

The first concert in Tokyo! Has ended smoothly and we’ve returned to the hotel~ Give me back my legㅠ I’m going crazy.. I’m so upset that I wasn’t able to jump around properly todayㅜㅜ

Eric Mun:
Minwoo was in the car with me, on the way back after the concert, and he said, “There’s something painful and hard in my calf.” I told him, “That’s your bone.” The thing inside your flesh is your bone.

Min Woo Lee:
How many lives do you really have??

Eric Mun:
I have one and a half lives. One is where I can get beaten to the brink of death. I have one real life. You mean guy.

Min Woo Lee:
What do you mean one and a half ㅡㅡ huh~!!! I’m going to get the bone massaged away

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  1. I’m sure Minwwo has not rest well since his discharge from the military ,being busy is good but it has to be spread evenly and right for health/work sakes.Pain in the calf may mean “cramp” or stressed too much during rehearsals and concerts. Really only doctor can confirmed, hope Minwoo have it checked ,I guess Eric just want to comfort/console him so as to make him feel better,perhaps he can ask Hyesung for his physiotherapist for advice and exercises, it may help….so take care and wish to see you and the guys soon

  2. Aggghhh, see! Minwoo oppa u should be careful! Take good care of urself first, don’t over do the concert!
    I really want them to be in the best condition ever for the next album or concert, but i prefer they rest plenty before that… especially minwoo, hyesung & andy!

  3. “I’m so upset that I wasn’t able to jump around properly today” – with leg like that? You need to be scolded Minu lah
    Take good care and rest that leg as much as possible

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