[12.05.24] ShinCast news: Eric says of Shin Hyesung, “That’s not an idol’s body!”



Shinhwa – who were the first idols to release their own nude photobook in 2001 – had a heated debate on the topic of releasing another nude photobook.

For the ‘Speech Channel’ episode of Shinhwa Broadcast, the debate was part of the process to decide who among the Shinhwa members is the ‘God of Eloquence’. In a mission to test the debating skills of the members, the members were split into the proposition (Junjin, Dongwan, Hyesung) and the opposition (Eric, Andy, Minwoo), and had to debate on the topic “Shinhwa should release another nude photobook’.

As the rule was that whoever gets agitated will be declared the loser, the members had to keep their heart rates below 120 to be declared the winner. Caught off guard by the unexpected topic, both teams launched into a heated debate.

Kim Dongwan argued for the nude photobook, saying that “Our bodies are completely different from 13 years back.” (Note: I’m assuming he means that their bodies are.. better now? Hehe.) But Eric argued against the photobook, pointing to Shin Hyesung and saying, “That’s not an idol’s body.” He went on to add, “13 years ago when we shot the photobook, there was a lot of criticism about Shin Hyesung’s body.”

Shin Hyesung responded resentfully, “Back then there wasn’t even time to prepare and then I got kidnapped to Southeast Asia (for the shoot).”

With the discussion getting more intense, the members successively saw their heart rates rising above 120. Tune into jTBC on 26 May at 10.55pm KST to find out which member wins to become the ‘God of Eloquence’ on Shinhwa Broadcast.

Credits: Joongang Daily + Absolut Shinhwa


6 thoughts on “[12.05.24] ShinCast news: Eric says of Shin Hyesung, “That’s not an idol’s body!”

  1. Kidnapped, hahaha!! One more night of sleep before i can get to watch shinhwa broadcast, yess… My happiest time every week!

  2. lolololololol Crab was totally on the wrong side of the debate… everyone knows that he is the prude-est one of all!!

  3. “Back then there wasn’t even time to prepare and then I got kidnapped to Southeast Asia (for the shoot).” HAHAHA Hyesung you got me laughing out loud!

  4. Cute seeing 6 adults arguing over “bodies”, having to bear your body for potoshoot after 13 years can be challenging.
    Eric or Hyesung or any members will definitely have 6 abs, tone muscle and great skin, so nude or not they look awesome .Hyesung team will have a tougher task to debate FOR the motion, but it will be great if they win .

  5. I feel bad for Sungie got teamed up on the FOR team, wrong wrong side

    It sounds a little harsh but purely on debating, Eric was sharp with his shoot back for the AGAINST team lolz

    I’m sure their heart rates went far beyoun the 120 limit by the time it was over 😛

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