[12.05.16] Minwoo’s Facebook updates: Having a drink after ShinCast recording + Feeling a little down

Update 1

Having a drink after ShinCast filming~ Together with the ShinCast staff^^ – With Mun Jung Hyuk.


Update 2

Feeling a little down so went to Gaepan for one more drink… I want to go on an unplanned trip with my parents…

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  1. i just hope he doesn’t drink too much, all of shinhwa members really like to drink (or should i say become drunk). I really hope they can limit their drinking, and a vacation with family wouldn’t be so bad, go on a trip oppa! :D

  2. Minwoo is working very hard lately for Shinhwa and himself.Being CEO is never an easy task, sacrifices are made in time and energy. after completing the concerts he can relax and have time for his family. Perhaps hard work and all the activities had taken a toll of his energy , which make him felt this way. Its a good thing to unwind with a drink with friend and colleague after work, it can motivate and inspire him ………………..cheers Minwoo I like to see you smile with the eyes cheeky and smiling .

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