[12.05.15] Eric’s Facebook photo update: Don’t touch my fan!

In the midst of filming for Shinhwa Broadcast. Don’t touch my fan! – At Seongnam Sports Complex.

Words on fan:
I think I’m the best!
Mun Jung Hyu

11 thoughts on “[12.05.15] Eric’s Facebook photo update: Don’t touch my fan!

  1. Hello Eric,

    My name Is Kristine Marie just nickname Trisha as real pure deaf. I’m your Fan and i really admire your character drama role “Another Miss Oh/ Another Oh Hae Young”. Every Time I watching your drama role. I’m super tried search for online the Korea Drama. You are best! First time i like a crush on you. ^^ Thank you so much and Support for you Fighting!

  2. OhGosh, the SLEEPING HANDSOME is totally THE BEST! 😀 (does he really have a facebook?) keke. :)) Goodluck Shinhwa! Fighting! 😀 ❤

  3. Yes I do agreed Eric needs to rest well. Aii well can make a perfect team and balance too.
    Shinhwa’s activities seem none stop , hope all is fine and well.

  4. Pretty-faced leader-nim!!!
    Now that hyesung has recovered, they’ve started filming sport-related shows again for shinhwa broadcast?!

  5. aaaah they’re filming for Shinhwa Broadcast. Sport complex? another competition kinda thing?
    other than the eyes are liitlle red, from tireness? he’s so cute there…. I swear these 2 CEOs’ cuteness on FB just make me goo gaaaah gaaah

    Yup you’re the best, like I’m the best, like she’s the best, like he’s the best…. Cheers! XDD

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