[12.05.05] Lee Minwoo, “My dream is to build a Shinhwa museum in 10 years’ time”

Lee Minwoo of longest-running idol group Shinhwa has stated his wish in 10 years’ time.

According to Mnet, on the Mnet’s “Yoon Do Hyun MUST” episode to be aired later tonight, Lee Minwoo said that in 10 years’ time, his dream would be to build a Shinhwa museum.

“I hope to display Shinhwa-related items in the museum, and fans will be able to reminisce about our activities over the years. The museum will also incorporate a performance venue, so that after 10 years Shinhwa can continue to perform there.”

Following that MC Yoon Do Hyun drew laughter from the audience when he said, “Leave some space beside the Shinhwa museum and build a YB museum.”

Shin Hyesung then shared his wish as well, “MY dream is to make the music I want. And I want to open a cafe next to Minwoo’s Shinhwa museum.”

Junjin then quipped, “If that’s the case then my dream in 10 years’ time is to open a jjimjilbang (public bathhouse/sauna) next to the Shinhwa museum.”

Part 2 of the Shinhwa special on Yoon Do Hyun’s MUST will be aired tonight at 12 midnight.

Credits: Star News + absolut shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[12.05.05] Lee Minwoo, “My dream is to build a Shinhwa museum in 10 years’ time”

  1. Its a great dream, as the dream can become a reality.” Once in your lifetime” as Shinhwa says its for the dreams ,to have a museum, a cafe with their music,……it must be a place that houses all these and meeting avenue for Shinhwa sfan domestic/international and hold regular concerts .
    I , too have a dream – a place I can visit whenever I am in Korea to be able to see / attend my favourite artists concerts , listen to their music sipping my favourite coffee. If I am lucky I hope to talk and mingle with them on their journey till now……………its my dream

  2. It will be great if Shinhwa museum also consist of Dongwan’s Photolog… Dongwan is a really great photographer, and i’m hoping it will looked like a real gallery , where photos are print on canvas and in big sizes… it will be epic to see how many photos he had taken over the past 10-20 years or so.. wkkwkwkwk

  3. and I want to open a travel agency next to Junjin’s jimjilbang XDDD

    nice idea, but i’m waiting for your Shinhwa castle Minu ah so I can claim a room there 🙂
    Shinhwa’s most embarrassing photos are a MUST among the displays *glances over to Wannie*

    oh of course the Wild photobook too 😛

    1. Good idea, MInwoo! I’ll cross my fingers for that. Speaking of the Wild photo book, it must’ve been quite a pricy item now considering its limited releases. I’m kind of curious, he he.

    2. And near the travel agent somebody probably could open up a diner, serving traditional foods from all countries where SHCJ can be found 😀

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