[12.05.05] Dongwan’s photolog: Shanghai Concert

Laundry along familiar Shanghai streets… Why does this seem cute?…!

Tsingtao beer that I had the moment we arrived. Tasted mild. Is it because I’ve gotten accustomed to Japanese beer…ㅎ
When it comes to beer, Sapporo, Heineken, San Miguel and Corona without lemon are the best!

I didn’t have much time so I had to take in the night views. Starting from the alleys of the beautiful Xintiandi~

Amidst the skyscrapers in the fog, a contented couple who had absolutely no intention of letting go of each other…
I hate couple-travelling… but a married couple travelling together should somehow be enjoyable. ㅎ

Once again I sense the importance of accommodation.
A residence-style lodging that’s just like home is really comfortable.
It may not be as nice as a hotel but there’s no smell of paint or new furniture,
The windows, just like in regular homes, can be opened on both sides and has perfect ventilation~
Every morning, I hear the sound of birds chirping in the park next to the building~
Shanghai has changed a lot. It has become cleaner, friendlier, and the tall trees has made the streets a lot cooler.

Where was this…
The entrance to the traditional market. There were many people as it was the Labor Day holidays~

I’m going to take a picture of you all too~ Chinese Shinhwa fans.

I got scolded while taking this shot. ㅋ

The members who had worked hard, gathered in Minwoo’s room after the concert and watched TV~

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[12.05.05] Dongwan’s photolog: Shanghai Concert

  1. Dongwan’s such a good photographer… and storyteller. I can see and feel the depth in his photos. That’s why I always look forward to his Naver blog posts. =)

    Thanks for translating this! Much appreciated as always. =)

    And yes, I can’t believe he mentioned San Miguel Beer! Come to Manila and we’ll get you loads of pale pilsen! LOL. ^^

  2. Really love Wannie for these kind of pics…. hahahaha, he took pics of undies hanging after laundry.. come to the Philippines, there are lots of like that too *giggles*
    Wow and he mentioned SAN MIGUEL Beer too.. then we have LOTS of those as well, CHEAP ONEs since it’s a Product that is Philippine made 🙂
    Thanks for this trans, Su ~

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