[12.05.04] ShinCom Twitter updates: Thank-you messages from the members

[Eric] To all the Shinhwa fans who made Shinhwa’s comeback after 4 years so glorious, thank you. This being Shinhwa Company’s first step, as the fans can see, we know there are things that could have been done better.

[Eric] But from the first schedule onwards – the album, the concert, the TV appearances – rather than the convenience and success of Shinhwa, everything has been done with the long-waiting fans in mind, with the members and staff working with one heart… I’m proud to say that we’ve honestly worked harder to give our best this year than any other year.

[Eric] To all the Shinhwa fans who have supported us with all their hearts, being active with us with one heart, and even giving the gift of first place on a music chart to these 10-year idol singers, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is a new start. We ask for your support in future too!


[Andy] To all Shinhwa Changjo who have given so much love to our comeback after 4 years, the 10th album, and who have waited for us all this time, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love you!!!

[Andy] Please look forward to our activities in future and please give lots of love to our individual activities! We will give you great performances for the Asia tour so please give us your support and love♥! Shinhwa Changjo forever


[HyeSung] Thank you to all the fans who have supported us wholeheartedly for the past 5 weeks. I’m so proud of all of you who have unabashedly protected the name of Shinhwa! I’m really glad that all 6 of us were able to stand together on stage for the last performance!

[HyeSung] I’m fine now so please don’t worry about me, and I hope you will keep on supporting us in future Shinhwa-san!!!!^^*


[MinWoo] Our last performance ended just nowㅠ It’s a pity but I’m really happy that each day is like a gift to me^^ I’m glad to be part of Shinhwa and I won’t forget the love that all of you have always showed us, we’ll be returning to repay you for that~ I love you, ganji, Shinhwa fans b!!


[JunJin] Our last performance has just endedㅡ Time passes really quickly… ㅜㅜTo every one of you who has stayed with us for 14 years, I really love you and thank you! Please show lots of love to Shinhwa Broadcast, and please wait til we release the next album. Please give us lots of love for our individual activities too♥


[DongWan] I really, really, sincerely want to say one thing to everyone. Thank you~ Please accept my heart. Thank you~

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