[12.04.27] Cosmo Korea interview: The 14-year record, Shinhwa (Pt 1/2)

In the music industry where countless idol singers come and go, there are 6 sexy men who, through their trust in one another, have stayed active for 14 years together as a group. This 14-year record has already become a legend in itself. And they say that they are now ready to write another legend. This is the story of Shinhwa, coming back after 4 years, ‘good friends’ who can read each other’s minds just from looking at each other.

A comeback after 4 years. It’s been such a long time that there are many people who ask if it’s a reunion after they split up, instead of a comeback. It has been a month since they have resumed group activities, and I’m curious about how things are coming along. It’s the 6th week since Minwoo resumed showbiz activities. The comeback is taking place after such a long time, no matter what they must be feeling a little nervous and unaccustomed. Starting from their concert, they have to cross mountains of scheduled programmes and activities. So far, there hasn’t been anything regretful about their comeback activities, except for Hyesung sustaining a knee injury during the concert, which was unfortunate.

So, Hyesung-sshi, how is your knee injury?

Hyesung: It’s gotten much better. The swelling has gone down quite a lot. Just that it’s such a shame because after practising so much with the members for the comeback, I can’t fully show off what I’ve prepared for the performances. It’s a situation where I really want to do it and the members have to stop me.

Eric: If this had happened in the past, Hyesungie probably would keep saying sorry and the mood with the other members would just go cold. In fact there was a time when I hurt myself and our activities got affected. At that time, the atmosphere was such that no one could say a word at all. But now everyone is experienced and more at ease, so we can deal with such situations better. There are difficulties in singing and dancing live to electronica music, so we thought, “it’s easier for the lead singer to sit and sing properly during his parts” and naturally we came up with Plan B.

Hyesung-sshi, no matter what you’re still the lead vocal for this album, and I think you would have felt pressured. How was it for you?

Hyesung: This album still focuses more on dance tracks rather than ballads, and it’s been a long while since I was involved in Shinhwa’s group activities so I had some difficulties. I got called out because I was singing a dance track but I sang it like a ballad. So I did suffer a little when we first started recording, but being together with the members I quickly adapted to things.

Anyway it’s great to see Shinhwa’s powerful yet sexy dance choreography for this round of performances. Amidst all these idol groups who can’t be told apart from one another, what do you think is so special about Shinhwa’s performances? I came to the conclusion of ‘sexiness amidst experience’.

Minwoo: Firstly, I think it could be because of the composition of our choreography. And like you said, I think it’s also because we’ve become more confident and comfortable. If we say that when we were younger we worked hard to use our bodies to exude sexiness, I think these days the sexiness comes through from that confidence we have now. That’s how I thought about ‘Venus’ too. Honestly thought the choreography may not be as sharp as before, I think our performance has become more sophisticated. Everyone is showing the best of themselves, and all the 6 members can feel the strength from being united as one.

What are the activities you have planned out for this album? I thought maybe you might have a longer promotional period since this comeback comes after such a long break, but there are also many fans who are worried that you’ll be ending your promotions soon.

Eric: Shinhwa’s Asia concert tour will start at the end of April and end in July. After that I think we’ll be starting on our individual activities. But we will continue working with jTBC on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’. We want to have time set aside for the members to have activities together even as they are working on their individual projects so that will be our gravitational centre. Since we can’t promote in the capacity of Shinhwa for 1 whole year, it’s important for us to have time together as a team. Honestly for Hyesung and I, neither one of us are really cut out for variety shows. But we will work hard because we are working together to continue creating something and that in itself is important. That’s what we think of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’. No matter what we have to let go of our inhibitions. Although we can maintain a certain poise like how we do on talkshows, but we just want to try throwing it all away and letting everything go. Anyway, from the concert to the album and broadcast activities, and even ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, we’re really glad that everything has turned out to our expectations.

(to be continued in Part 2)

Credits: Cosmopolitan Korea website + Absolut Shinhwa



9 thoughts on “[12.04.27] Cosmo Korea interview: The 14-year record, Shinhwa (Pt 1/2)

  1. Thanks so much for subbing!!

    And too Hyesung and Eric and all of Shinhwa, LET YOURSELVES GOOOOOOOOOOOO Shinhwa Broadcast is seriously the best variety show EVER (I am so biased its not funny but whatever :D) because Shinhwa as their natural kidult state is SO EPIC 😀

  2. Cool, thanks for the translation!
    Yeah.. Hyesung’s injury was unfortunate, but we would rather have him sit aside and recover well for the time being.. Shinhwa has many years to come, many comebacks to follow, missing just the comeback this time is alright..
    Hahaha, ricsung are not cut for variety shows?! But they made me laugh so hard every week! Yes please, dont ever stop shinhwa broadcast, it’s my source of happiness!!

  3. still happy there’s Shinhwa Broadcast even though RicSung ain’t cut out for variety show. Let’s hope the production keeping the show fresh and the rating is good so it will go on & on & on 😀

  4. Good interview , good to know Hyesung’s knee condition has improved.its wonnderful to see 6 of them .(the picture confirms it)……..together for 14 years must have alot to say , thanks for trans and I wish Shinhwa will hold concert regularly after the Comeback !

  5. “so we thought, “it’s easier for the lead singer to sit and sing properly during his parts” and naturally we came up with Plan B” ~ I”m still very happy with how Hyesung popped out in at their 1st performance of Venus on Mnet. It was really the highlight moment for me. Tastefully modified without much disruption to the routine

    aaaaish it’s going to end in July…. It may not all going smoothly for this comeback but I glad seeing there were (are) lot of careful planning as far as vision & the long term plan for the group like giving birth to this Shinhwa Broardcast so they could stay connect as a group and still be in the public radar even if they wrap up The Return’s promo activities.

    I’m going to have a huge withdrawn when this comeback comes to a close, been Shinhwa-fied too much with their appearances currently…. The only good thing is I’ll have my life back for a while hahaha probably NOT cus members starting their own solo activities after that too 😛

    and Hyesung ah, you sing beautifully be it ballad, rock or dance tracks! ❤

    1. You’re so right! haha Now I’m addicted to them, it will be hard not to see that much of them everyday, but surely I’ll follow their individual activities too ^^
      Anyway, if one member appear on tv, I’m sure at least one of the others will show up lol

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