[12.04.26] Dongwan’s photolog: Onsite inspection on Baekundae

To prepare for a night hike up to Baekundae Peak on Bukhansan I climbed up for an onsite inspection~

Insu Peak seen amidst the azaleas~
Showing off its imposing presence.

Happily took a selca after I reached the peak in 40 minutes… Could I be a born climber?
An ahjosshi who passed by said
“This isn’t Baekundae Peak~ It will take another hour to get there..”…OTL

To satisfy my hunger I ate some bland noodles and some bland tofu at the mountain cottage at the Baekundae Peak entrance,
I was really hungry so I ate everything in one mouthful. Ah~ this bland taste…ㅋ
The ahjosshi in front of me said
“Are you going for a night hike? That’s a life-risking thing to do…”
Gasp… By the way, at Bukhansan there are a lot of people who use saturi (dialect(~^^

It was a rough road indeed. A rough road where it would be amazing to see women hiking up.
Right next to me was a cliff, and it was scary that I didn’t even think about taking photos..

Usually there would be typhoon-like winds but even so, mountaineers still make their way to Baekundam Peak~

A panoramic view of Insu Peak and the Seoul city~
About 10 hikes up here and I should be able to go for a night hike right?

The dog at the entrance to Doseon Temple has really good fortune~^^(

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa

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