[12.04.25] Vid: ‘The Return’ in Taipei promotional video + translation of Junjin’s narration

The fans who attended the Seoul concert in March this year will definitely remember this awesomely cool video^^ I thought I wouldn’t get to see it until the concert DVD came out but lucky lucky us!

In case anyone’s curious about the BGM (I was^^) the song is ‘How I Got Over’ by The Roots.

4 years have passed
And even though everything seems to have faded away
In the end we smile and meet one another again
Our hearts are overwhelmed
No one has ever doubted that this day would come
But who knew that it would feel so overwhelming

Minwoo-hyung said that he has been working on music for the last 4 years, believe it or not it’s up to you.
And he said that he had been conceptualizing our comeback stage.
This kind of guy is really our member.
Thinking about what kind of music to make,
And he says that he plays soccer whenever he has time.
Then why didn’t he contact me since I’m so good at soccer? (laughs)

Eric-hyung… Eric.
Hyung was thinking about the setting up of Shinhwa Company during his travels.
Thinking about Shinhwa even when he’s travelling, Eric-hyung is really very dependable.
With that handsome face, he was fishing as he thought about Shinhwa Company..
Somehow they don’t quite go together the way I see it…
Anyway long live our Er-CEO!

Andy said that he had been waiting for the day we make our comeback.
That feels depressing. Our members probably have been feeling the same way.
Looking at our Andy who has nurtured his own idol group,
I can’t treat him as just a younger brother anymore.
To think of it, he has never addressed me as hyung before…

Shin Hyesung
Hyesung-hyung is still like a prince.
Constantly looking back on himself.
Thinking about the music that hyung gave me to listen to for the past 4 years,
I think, he is really a heavenly singer…

Kim Dongwan.
Dongwan-hyung bought a very expensive camera and shows it off a lot.
He says he fell in love with travelling and photography.
The way I see it, it’s just taking photos.
I heard someone say this before,
When he’s not doing too well, he sells photos of the Shinhwa members to feed himself.
So the photos are really…
Bad guy.

Junjin. That’s me.
For the past 4 years, in order to write songs I learnt to play the piano.
For the sake of Shinhwa Company, I went fishing with Eric-hyung.
And for the past 4 years, I’ve also looked back on myself and realised that… I’m a prince too.
I also bought a cheap camera.. Who am I??

Today’s really great for me.
For how long have we looked forward to gathering together and laughing together?
People say that in 10 years, even mountains can move.
But after 4 years, we haven’t changed a bit.
But then again there are still 6 more years to go…

7 thoughts on “[12.04.25] Vid: ‘The Return’ in Taipei promotional video + translation of Junjin’s narration

    Heaven singer.. thats why he is my HEAVEN ON EARTH ~~~
    Then again, Jin’s rough low voice is really so nice to hear.. and the way he laughed.. aaah, so cute!
    Really, each member is LOVE ~~~~

  2. woohoo!!! finally the vid that we’ve been waiting for!!!

    love jin’s narration!!!

  3. wOOOOOOW i don´t know if Jin really wrote this words but they are funnyand the same time touch, is amazing see the strong bond among them…i´m sooo proud of them not just for to be a great idol group is more for to be men that are doing all just for make true the promise they did it before.

  4. even when i read the narration alone, is so freaking hilarious… i can definitely see Junjin actually narrating it with English, you know, like Ted on ‘How i met your mother’ kind of narration, when he narrates it very boringly, yet the sentences are actually too funny to pass on… wkwkwkkw…

  5. HA-HA-HA!! That’s so funny!!! They all look exceptionally handsome in the clip, love it!!! Shinhwa brothers jjang!!!!

  6. hahaha Jinjin is right about Eric, handsome, sophiticate looking but he could be unglam, down & dirty when he goes fishing….. man this guy can skin a fish like a pro (well maybe a litlle slower than the pro) XDD

    Love how Junjin keep cracking up at the end of each narration…. his voice is deep in this vid 🙂

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