[12.04.25] via enewsworld: Shinhwa to model for men’s formal wear brand

I hope this is the first of MANY MANY MANY endorsements to come ^^


If Shinhwa fans can’t get enough of Shinhwa looking sharp and manly, the following should be some pleasant news.

Mens’ formal wear brand, Roygen revealed on April 23, that the men of Shinhwa will serve as models for the brand.

A member of the men’s wear said, “We are beginning a new marketing campaign with Shinhwa as the models who recently came back in formal suits. Shinhwa’s smooth yet masculine merits work well with Roygen’s image. We hope that in both Shinhwa’s future activities and our brand’s image, we will be able to bring about a positive effect for each other.”

Though the details of the contract were not revealed, it was said Shinhwa received a lucrative sum. This will also mark the first time in seven years that all the members of Shinhwa will shoot a commercial together.

Shinhwa will kick off its Asia tour in Shanghai on April 30.

Original article from enewsworld

3 thoughts on “[12.04.25] via enewsworld: Shinhwa to model for men’s formal wear brand

  1. Cooool, congrats oppas!!! i really want them to get a beer CF like andy said before.. Should suit them well too!!

  2. I LOVE grown-up, handsome men in fabulous designer suits [lol, main reason why I was deeply attracted by Eric and Min Woo at the first glimpse in Venus :))] >>> can’t wait for this @-)

  3. I’ve always thought Shinhwa looks good and natural in suits. Good job Roygen, you made a right decision!

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