[12.04.24] Vid: Shinhwa’s guest appearance on ‘Discoveries in Life’ (KBS 2TV Gag Concert) + trans

Just a rough translation for you to understand the skit a little better 🙂

Eric: Hello, I’m Eric.
Joon-geun: What’s your name again, Eric? Oh even your name sounds really greasy. Oh look at those double eyelids, I hate them! On a closer look you look like Rimario* (*if you’ve watched old eps of Xman in the past, you may remember this Korean comedian known for his ‘greasiness’)
Eric: “Reflect”! (*reflect the comment back to the other guy)
Joon-geun: Childish.

Waiter: Welcome
Eric: Have you placed your order?
Bora: I’ve already ordered
Waiter: Would you like to order?
Eric: Please give me a teriyaki burger with extra cabbage and tomato, and for the lady, a kiwi juice filled with love and sincerity.
Joon-geun: Those lines are really trashy. Is that how you seduced our Bora? He’s totally a playboy. I’m telling you, guys like him have lots of girlfriends.
Bora: So what? I change mine every week too.
Joon-geun: What? Haven’t you come to your senses? Guys like him only go for secret romances, two-timing or even three-timing!
Eric: For me, my relationships are public and aboveboard.
Bora: Really? So are we an official couple now?
Eric: Of course!
Bora: Then let’s take a proof shot! I’m dating Eric!
Joon-geun: What are you doing!
Bora: Why?! When we were dating, did you ever keep a photo of me on your handphone? You’ve never even introduced your friends to me before!
Eric: Is that so? You have to meet a guy’s friends in order to really know him.
Bora: That guy doesn’t have any friends.
Joon-geun: Why wouldn’t I have any?
Bora: You don’t
Joon-geun: I have plenty.. He looks like he doesn’t have any friends.
Eric: I’ve been really close to a group of 5 friends since I was young, we even have a name, we’re called SHINHWA.
Joon-geun: Shinhwa? Sounds like a circle of delinquents. You guys must have been going around picking fights.
Eric: We make music, music!
Joon-geun: I make music too, in the church choir.
Eric: We’ve even released official CDs
Joon-geun: You must have recorded at a noraebang then. If that’s the case I’ve already released 150 albums by now.
Eric: In that case, shall we have a bet on who has more friends? We’ll make calls and see who has more friends who turn up.
Joon-geun: Fine, let’s do it. I’ll call first. You think about yours first. Hello? Oh, Sung-chan ah, it’s been a long time! No, why are you swearing at me? Fine, I’ll be there in a while.
Bora: What was that about?
Joon-geun: OH YA! Don’t you know me? It’s been a really long time! You remember me right? First year, Class 3! Nice to see you, my friend!
Waiter: Ah… Nice meeting you for the first time.
Eric: Let me try calling. Hello? It’s me. You know that place? Ah yes yes, there there. Quickly come here now.

Dongwan: What’s the matter?
Joon-geun: That guy in the centre, can’t you relax your eyes a little? Do you want to pick a fight or what?
Bora: Don’t bother about him, it’s ok
Junjin: Nice to meet you, my name is Junjin.
Joon-geun: HAHAHAHAHA his name is Junjin (moving forward)? Then is his younger brother called Hoojin (moving backward)? This is too funny!
Junjin: I’m sorry, but my real name is Park Choongjae.
Joon-geun: That’s even funnier! Not even insecticide (sal-choong-jae), what Park Choongjae!
Junjin: Oh really!
Bora: Will you stop it! I’m sorry, Choongjae-sshi
Junjin: What did you say?
Bora: No no no
Dongwan: She’s a lady, quick, apologize to her
Bora: But oppa, your friends are really good-looking. I suppose you don’t have a girlfriend?
Dongwan: That’s right.
Bora: Should I introduce you to my friends then?
Dongwan: Ah thank you
Bora: My friends really like humorous guys.
Dongwan: Well, we… I can do a voice impersonation.
Bora: Oh really?
Dongwan: Yes… “Ya ya ya ya, everyone below me, keep quiet!”
Bora: Yoon Se-yoon! That’s really funny!
Dongwan: Oh ho!
Bora: Really funny!
Joon-geun: Shin Bora! What’s so funny about that? Among my friends, there’s really a gagman. Oh they’re so annoying. Hello? Oh are you already here? Quickly come in then
Joon-hyun: Where?
Bora: It’s Kim Joon-hyun from Gag Concert! Wow that’s amazing. You’re really fat!
Joon-hyun: Who are you calling fat? Do you think I’m a real pig?
Bora: He’s really funny
Joon-geun: He’s really funny, isn’t he?
Bora: He’s really funny, really funny
Joon-geun: You don’t have such friends, do you?
Eric: Oh really… GUYS!

Junjin: Now we’ll show you what we’re really capable of.
Joon-geun: I’m really speechless. You’re all so old, what are you doing?
Junjin: Then we’ll really show you what we can do. TRANSFORM!
Minwoo: ATTACK!
Joon-hyun: What do you think you’re doing!

(Sorry I really can’t quite catch what Minwoo was saying at the end… I think it’s along the lines of Shinhwa is getting beaten up or something like that >.<)

4 thoughts on “[12.04.24] Vid: Shinhwa’s guest appearance on ‘Discoveries in Life’ (KBS 2TV Gag Concert) + trans

    Thanks so much Sumi!

    Going to pop back to this after work winding down a bit 😀

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