[12.04.24] ‘The Peak’ starring Kim Dongwan wins at Houston International Film Festival

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan has received recognition for his acting with his drama garnering a win at an American film festival.

The MBC Liberation Day special drama ‘The Peak’, starring Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan, has won the grand prize in the ‘TV Special – Dramatic’ category of the Houston International Film Festival.

The drama is a biography of independence activist and poet Lee Yuk-sa who dedicated his life to liberating Korea from Japan colonial rule, with Kim Dongwan portraying the short yet eventful life of the revolutionary who died in prison at the age of 40.

Kim Dongwan expressed his thoughts through his management agency Liveworks Company, “The script is really good, everytime I read it, it was like a book that I couldn’t put down. I felt that I wasn’t able to express about half of the emotions I felt from reading the script, so I do feel some regret, but I’m really happy that such a good piece of work was able to receive recognition.”

Crediting the crew for the win, he added, “It’s my honor to have been able to work with writer Hwang Jin-young and director Lee Sang-yeob for their firm directing and the outstanding cast who made Lee Yuk-sa even more like Lee Yuk-sa.”

Having made his debut with Shinhwa 14 years ago, Kim Dongwan recently celebrated the comeback of Shinhwa with the rest of his Shinhwa groupmates in March and will be kicking off Shinhwa’s Asia tour with the upcoming concert in Shanghai on 30 April.

Source: Mydaily


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