[12.04.24] Liveworks CEO Twitter update: The members get a well-deserved 2-day break


With the first concert of the Asia tour just around the corner, the members get a long-awaited two-day break starting from today…

The members who are gradually tiring out from having rested since the end of last year; on top of running in between schedules and activities different from before, as Shinhwa they have been working on many things other than running Shinhwa Company…

People seem to think a lot more when they get tired… It’s the same for the members too…
But fortunately these thoughts seem to make Shinhwa, and the members, even stronger so that’s good^^

Today I’m going to catch my first night flight in a long while, to Tokyo for business… Hope you will have a comfortable and happy two-day break^^

And sorry Minwoo… I’ll treat you to a good meal^^

4 thoughts on “[12.04.24] Liveworks CEO Twitter update: The members get a well-deserved 2-day break

  1. woot for the 2-day break so Junjin can go see Jessica Alba while she in Korea, Hyesung can rest, Wannie can go celebrate, Andy hanging with Teen Top, Minbong dashing to Japan (with CEO Lee) and Eric hanging out with gomdori hahaha well his own schedule is filled till the end of of the month, not sure what they’re for….

  2. Its about time they have a beak “,All works and No play make Jack a Dull boy ” .they deserved it. Shinhwa Comeback as we anticipated its awesome , so rest well and we hope to see you guys in this part of Asia soon. …..take care Hyseung you need the rest

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