Thursday Thoughts: If you could ask Shinhwa any question at all…

… what would you ask?

There have been countless interviews of Shinhwa since their recent comeback, and you probably would have realized that the questions are often the same. “What’s the secret to your longevity as an idol group?” / “Which idol group these days have caught your attention?” / “Who’s your favorite girl group?”

I think interviews would be so much more fun if fans got to interview them instead, since we are the ones who know their history, their details, their embarrassing stories…

So what would YOU ask if you had a chance to ask Shinhwa any question at all? Post away in the comments section! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: If you could ask Shinhwa any question at all…

  1. not sure if it’s too late but a twitter friend wonder if Eric uses the same bunny signature on his credit card 😀

    So the extended question is: Do Shinhwa members using the same autographed signature on their credit cards & bills? kkkkk

  2. Which member are you the closest with?

    We know that the members are close, but I’m just curious who among the group each member is the closest with ^^.

  3. I would ask that are they aware that after this come back, they didn’t only revitalise SHCJ but also created a new generation of SHCJ ? Because I believe that I am not the only one person who immediately fell for these men’s attractiveness, talents, different personalities and especially their unbreakable friendship right after listening to The Return.

  4. Hahaha this is interesting xD

    I’ll ask
    1. Who is your girlfriend?
    2. When you will get married? Gyhahahahahaha

    XD hahahahhaha xD
    Their age is married age hahahahaha xD

    curious xD xD

  5. Well, Shinhwa fans grow together with them in age,music,.14 years passed music scene change, the fans matured as well as Shinhwa’s members. What is their biggest challenge ? is it the comeback or the fans during the 4 years break

    Boys become men if they undergo military duties, I can see you guys look trimmer,fitter and full of charisma, will your music differs in style ? Your fans will you one of you marries your fan ?…………….I’m curious (just for fun )

    I’m honoured to know Hyesung and Shinhwa through such good songs/performance ,I’m so glad that they are together as they sound wonderful as 6. To be friends and colleaugues (now Shincom) is not easy but they managed.
    I love music, it makes me happy,sad,set me into good/bad moods – music of Hyesung/Shinhwa makes feel glad and happy ….thats Shinhwa continue what you are doing …I will follow you

  6. 01. If they have a special power, what would it be & why?
    02. What do they like & dislike from other members?
    03. Can they update their ideal girl friend checklist now?
    04. If you can go back, is there any thing they would do differently for this comeback?
    05. How superstitious are they?
    06. If they can pick a place to travel right now, where would it be?
    07. How romantic are they on the scale of 1-10? (10 being most romantic)
    08. What is the most misunderstood impression(s) about you from the fans or general public?
    09. What is the most memorable gift(s) you get from the fans?
    10. Why do Eric & Junjin ALWAYS have to wear long jacket/costumes?

    1. Yes , I like your questuins nos :2,6,7 & 8…..esp Hyesung he sings mostly ballads is he a romantic person and I understand he cooks, will he cook for his girlfriend/wife ?????

      1. I agree with siewlynn concerning q no 4, there’s been some changes in the answers for sure.

      2. thanku, if they could only pick 1 out of those, I’d love to hear their answer to +8 most 😀

    2. Phi, great minds think alike!!! LOL

      Q2, 3, 4, 8 & 9 are exactly those that I wanted to ask as well!! *high 5*

  7. I’d ask each member: 1. What is in your CD player/I pod/mp3 player? 2. If you could have a once in a lifetime chance to collaborate with ANY artist or musician (European, America, etc), who would you pick and why?



    If you had not been a member of Shinhwa.
    I work work’re doing?

    Their families are saying shinhwa reunion?

    xD I have more questions but I think that is enough

  9. i dont have a question 4 shinhwa.. since i dont know what to ask.. lol.. i watch all of their recently programmes… even the old one..just waiting 4 Invicible youth, .beatles code, gag concert, guriella date n etc..but i have a question 4 u.. why in this 3-4 weeks since shinhwa make their comeback, they never make comeback at inkigayo? even mnet make special stage 4 them last two weeks..

    1. Ok whatever I’m going to say next is STRICTLY speculation and rumors, so please do not take it for an official reply ok? ^^

      Word has it that Shinhwa chose to go with jTBC instead of SBS for Shinhwa Broadcast, so as a result Shinhwa hasn’t been able to appear on SBS programs other than ‘You & I’.

      1. “Too many cook spoil the broth ” so just speculation, if JTBC approached them earlier and had agreed to do Shinhwa Broadcast and not SBS .SBS theoritically cannot behave so petty,
        Business deal is done when you sign,seal and deliver, in this case Shinwa signed and sealed with JTBC to deliver Shinwa Broadcast, it could be they believe in them…………….only speculation.

  10. Many of their fans have aged with them, other, newer fans like myself were drawn to them partly because we have heard of them being legends, and partly because they are actually close to our age (Eric is less than two years younger than me! LOL). Yet, I know many of their fans are fans because they grew up with their parents listening to Shinhwa. I would ask what it feels like to know their fans are so spread out across generations (I would even call my kids Shinhwa fans).

  11. I would ask Shinhwa what they think about fanfictions written about them? Both Korean and English fanfictions. This question is coming from a fanfic writer who has written only about Shinhwa (featuring primarily Minwoo, hehe) since 2003.

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