[12.04.19] ShinCom Twitter updates: 1st place on M Countdown & thank you messages

1st place! Made possible by all of you~! Thank you!

[Eric] We know everyone was determined to give us 1st place this week~ Gratefully receiving it, thank you♥

[HyeSung] Thank you all very very much for the 1st place present that you gave us~ Shinhwa forever♥

[JunJin] I felt the members tearing up onstage. I was holding back my tears but thank you to all the fans from the bottom of my heart for letting me feel such emotions^^

[DongWan] Thank you~!!

[Andy] Thanks to everyone, we got first place. Always grateful and we will present ourselves even better from now on. I love you~

[MinWoo] Everyone’s heart, Shinhwa’s heart, are the same^^ Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the kanji fans and we will remain as your Shinhwa right until the end! I love you♥

14 thoughts on “[12.04.19] ShinCom Twitter updates: 1st place on M Countdown & thank you messages

  1. they soo deserved it … i was soo happy that they received it… hope they receive it all through the future.. becuz to ME/shinhwa Fans.. they are always 1sttt !!! ALWAYS !

    Shinhwa JJangg!!!! ^_^

    “you are my love.. love.. love… SHINHWA” 🙂

  2. Omg, i am soooo happy. Party mode immediately, going for a celebratory meal with my best shinhwa-ing buddy (my sister) now!! Woohoo… This is greatttt!!!

  3. SHINHWA Changjo is like a hidden power that raises up when people are at the most of their unawareness :X Must be so proud to be one of SHCJ.

    My 1st time experience a win live and it feels super awesome! 🙂

    There’s still MuBank to go right? XDDDD

  5. Congratulations ! on your win, Shinhwa you did it, thanks to SHJC the orange banner is a good idea, no-one can miss seeing it………guys can have a hearty meal,enjoy it.

  6. Wow! Even im just a new fan im so happy for them! So proud of both Shinhwa and SHCJ!^^ HWAITING!^^

  7. so very glad they won… finally!!!~~ btw… what r kanji fans that minwoo mentions?? japanese fans?? ~~

    1. ‘Kanji/Ganji’ is a Japanese (?) term that Minwoo likes to use a lot… I think it means ‘awesome’ or ‘cool’… I think 🙂

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