Wayback Wednesday: Some old videos for newer fans…

I realize there is a significant number of younger fans who got to know about Shinhwa either during their 4-year hiatus or recently during their 10th album comeback… I thought these will be pretty interesting to watch (even for the longtime fans!)

Done sometime after their 10th anniversary, during their 4-year hiatus, that briefly shows their history…

VERY CLASSIC! Something a Korean fan uploaded -> Dream Concert 1999 – T.O.P + Yo!

Feel free to share your favorite ‘old’ Shinhwa videos and moments in the comments! ^^

4 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday: Some old videos for newer fans…

  1. My first encounter was a mv of Hyesung “why do you call” I was captivated by his singing,realised he is the lead vocal in Shinhwa. Search on this group was really fascinatiing and thrilled as they have so much to offer ,songs of TOP,Perfect Man,Hye Common and so on……their harmony is great and the story of their journey to now and their bonds to be together is much to be admired and grateful .
    Though I am not a fan of tens of years but I have great respects of Eric,Hyesung,Minwoo,Dongwan,Junjin and Andy for the bondings within them and the love and integrities they shown towards the fans.Venus,Hurts is nice and later I too find Stay,Breathin are also awesome …..thanks Shinwa 10th album is a fantastic one !

  2. Oh man, loved these two videos!! Thank you for your hard work on the history of “The Legend that is Shinhwa” video clip and I’ve never seen the 1999 Dream Concert so I thoughly enjoyed both~! I’ve been their fan since 2004 and have been rooting for them ever since~! Shinhwa Yongwonhi~! Aja aja hwaiting~!!!! ❤

  3. I’m one of the fans who started listening to Shinhwa during their hiatus so I’m a newbie, thanks a lot for this! They’ve come a long way indeed, and they’re all still here standing strong together, well done guys!!

  4. I had not seen this video, but I started to read every word, and I started to mourn, the reason?
    because I did not like shinhwa, but one day, I saw the program happy together, and I fell in love with kim dong wan from that moment until today, I am totally in love with shinhwa, thanks for the video, is really beautiful

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