[12.04.17] tvN ‘Beatles Code’ PD Twitter update


Beatles Code will be recording the Shinhwa episode tomorrow (18 April). I’m now in the midst of editing the songs for comparison, and putting Haegyulsa and T.O.P aside, why are the past videos of Eusha Eusha making me laugh so much. Although they are oppas to me, I’m still editing these with a mother’s smile on my face.


3 thoughts on “[12.04.17] tvN ‘Beatles Code’ PD Twitter update

  1. Beatles code xD hahahaha can’t wait~
    Must be so interesting~
    I’ve watch it once~and made me laugh so hard hahahahah
    And eric is more handsome with short cut hair rather than in eusha eusha period hahahaha xD

  2. Looking at the members past and present definitely,totally transformed. Its the past that make fond memories and can make one laugh. but certanily the harmony of 14 years ago and now remain the greatness of Shinhwa.This is why Shinhwa is special and different from others.
    Eric the charismatic leader of Shinhwa has changed from baggy,long hair teen to charming,handsome gentleman…

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