6 thoughts on “[12.04.06] Pics: Shinhwa on Mnet WIDE ‘Open Studio’

  1. If to grade Eric from 1 – 10 ( 10 being perfect) , where would the figure be ? Its tough. Love to see them as 6 ,thats my for wish them . Guess I cannot decide what to place the number for individual member of Shinhwa, but my preference will be Hyesung – charismatic smile and very handsome., hope he recovers well and yes to see him with the 5 together -.
    Till now, still very grateful they come back as 6 Shinhwa – The Best !!

    1. trololol I’m going to bite this one XDDD

      Let’s start with a 10 (in my book), -1 for not enough fan service + being too frank some times; -1 for any other unknow imperfections… So total score is an 8 😀

      They’re just more perfect when they’re together…. one fill in the others’ weakness = perfect team! 🙂

  2. lol @SHCJ … me tooo hehe and also.. how can someone look so good…. he still causes my heart to sink after all these years hehehe

    cannot wait till shin hye sung heals and becomes active on stage… miss him so much when im watching their performances…… get better soon shin hye sung oppa 🙂

    cannot thank you guys enough for coming back 😀

  3. Eric is f***’n hot! Excuse my language, but that was seriously the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Eric.

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