[12.04.05] Liveworks CEO Twitter update: The promise with the fans is more important than first place


More than things like first place on music shows, chart rankings… the members feel that the promise made with the fans for these 4 years is more important and wanted to release the album even if it was just a day before the concert… And they did exactly that… Last week, over some drinks after a long while last week, the members said that they totally didn’t regret this decision – which became a little of an issue/hot topic – and instead were more concerned about having to be thankful for the overwhelming love and interest they are receiving… But today I… while I was very very grateful for the show having the spotlight focused on Shinhwa, I really sincerely wanted them to get first place

Credits: @liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[12.04.05] Liveworks CEO Twitter update: The promise with the fans is more important than first place

  1. Shinhwa making a comeback is already something i cant be even more thankful of. Winning the first place will be a very pleasant bonus. Go shinhwa!!

  2. Winning is not important to ShinhCom but like some one’s tweet earlier: “we got a reputation to defend as a fan”
    I really want them to win…..

  3. Its a wise and good move to release the album a day before the concert, I could get in Korea while I’m watching the concerts and the fans can chants the songs along with them.The success of the concerts is more than first place in any music chart as it show Shinhwa’s popularity and love from their fans.To be first in the chart will be a big bonus and encouragement for them.How can I vote for them , must I stay in Korea ?

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