[12.04.04] Dongwan’s photolog: Transmission towers at the Incheon Tidal Power Station

There are only two times in a year when you can see the sunrise between the transmission towers.
The first week of April, and in September during Chuseok.
The skies were expected to be clear since it rained yesterday and the day before, but the sky was overcast
Everyone around me was saying ‘That’s it for today’ but at the time of sunrise the sun showed its face above the clouds.
Although I missed the moment when it was right in the centre, I was fortunate to have seen it~

The people who came here for this moment
Checked the weather forecast, slept less, and even skipped work on a weekday to come here.
Even if they stayed up overnight, if the weather wasn’t being helpful they wouldn’t have been able to see it
A weekend where there’s not even enough space to step…
If this is something that can be seen anytime, would we be so ardent about this?

6 thoughts on “[12.04.04] Dongwan’s photolog: Transmission towers at the Incheon Tidal Power Station

  1. lol, Dong Wan really has many options of jobs after retiring :))
    I’m a photoholic as well and I’m so envious with his gear, jeez ==”

  2. Dongwan, you really seriously can consider photography as your side job, this pic is AWESOME!!

  3. wow… it looks so pretty… i didnt know that…. thats being added on to my list of things to do whenever i go tour korea … thanks Dongwan-oppa ^_^

    make sure you rest well after that sleepless night 🙂

  4. Wannie REALLY camped out to see such a sight.. I would have done so too and how I wish I have the same cameras as he has ~
    (my fangirling cam is dependable when running after SHS but fails when I want to take such splendid scene…)

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