[12.03.29] Vids: M Countdown Shinhwa Comeback Stage – ‘Hurts’ + ‘Venus’

Vids from 01luvsh@YT



10 thoughts on “[12.03.29] Vids: M Countdown Shinhwa Comeback Stage – ‘Hurts’ + ‘Venus’

  1. It feels a bit weird to see Hyesung pops up to sing his part and not dancing at all, I do hope for a speedy recovery on his knee injury so he can dance with his fellas on the next music show (Music Bank, probably?). Great performance!!

    1. Hyesung hurts his knee during the concert, so he only sings his part this time , no dancing for him .

      1. Hi there Siewlynn, do you happen to know how’s Hyesung’s knee so far, any progress?? Thx a lot!!

  2. Shinhwa true legend in the kpop, Hurts ,Venus the music, dance would leave you especially Venus, the chorus keep “pounding” in the mind and would jive with the melody- its great.Shinhwa returns with their transformations ,is awesome to watch them sing and dance.I’m always wonder and very amazed by the fans with their chants and singing along with them , Its encouraging for the performers as well.. Shinhwa show us they are mighty and can rock and roll after all these years.

  3. I’m not a fan for a long time (only 4 months, unfortunately) but hurts had a huge impact on me. what a beautiful song ! And venus, they rocked the stage ! Shinhwa is really a legend. I feel really moved, so what was it for the real shinhwa changjo ? Their fanchants were awesome. They are really great fans !

  4. okay, i admit it: i cried when i saw them all together on stage. it’s been so long~

    and my god, but did they not just put every artist before them to shame!!! they were amazing and had the best performance of the night, easily! (as if there was any doubt 😉

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