[12.03.27] ShinCom Twitter update: [Hyesung] Thank you for your concern


[HyeSung] Thank you everyone for your concern. I’m really sorry for making you worry about my knee since ages ago.. But thanks to this yesterday and today my mom made food for me and I’ve rested really well, so please don’t worry. Because I’m strong!

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa


7 thoughts on “[12.03.27] ShinCom Twitter update: [Hyesung] Thank you for your concern

  1. The food look delicious, I”m sure his mom is a great cook, Hyesung lucky guy to have her to do for him …cheer and be happy, healthy.

  2. Wow, that looks yummy!! Hope the crab recovers fast after being fed with his mom’s lovingly-made food.
    I wonder if sungie can cook as well as his mom?! He’s crowned the best cook in shinhwa!

  3. Just want to know you are well and rested enough, knee injuries can be tricky and painful, but then again do be careful. Yes you’re young and strong which is good.
    I’d just returned from Seoul and wish to congratulate you and Shinhwa for the excellent concerts , the show is beyond my expectations, the 3-D screen,songs choice,lightings ………are so superbly co-ordinated.When you’re hurt the hall seem silent for awhile, the fans and Shinhwa are like a big “family” who,are concerned about your well-being.The Return celebrations is great, the fans and I really had a awesome, time, “Hurts”. “Venus”, “Destiny of Love” and so on…..fantastic thanks I get to see my favourite”How do I say”………..AWESOME. take care Hyesung I hope to see you and Shinhwa in my country (Singapore) —Asia tour

  4. Hyesung still has a mother who cooks for him, I envy him for I no longer have a mum, the food looks yummy, anyway. Get well soon, Hyesung and be careful next time.

  5. I couldn’t do anything but laugh when i saw those pictures. hyesung is quite good resting right ^^ his eomma is the best. Fighting ~

  6. so happy with hyesung’s message. i can feel how much he loves his fans. i really don’t mind if he will just stand and not dance as long as he will be with the other 5 on stage and not stressing his knee. i will really feel bad if he hurts just to please their fans, i would not be able to enjoy that scene….

    shinhwa, we love you! take extra care of those aging backs and knees!

  7. Dongwan’s post made us very worry for you.
    Hope you get lot of rest and whatever the decision is we’ll support you 100%

    A good meal is a start 🙂

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