[12.03.26] Shin Hyesung delays knee surgery to concentrate on Shinhwa activities

OH GOOD GRIEF…. Just go for the operation already! Is it even remotely possible for us fans to enjoy looking at you jumping on stage and running about in variety shows now?? I wish I could get him an iron knee…. 😦


Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung has decided to continue with Shinhwa activities despite the need for surgery on his ruptured knee ligament.

Shin Hyesung had landed badly and sustained knee injuries during Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary comeback concert on 25 March. According to a rep for Shinhwa, he had already received surgery once before for a rupture cruciate ligament in his left knee, and the cruciate ligament in his right knee has also been constantly injured.

Shin Hyesung was immediately sent to a nearby hospital after sustaining the injury, and is currently resting an MRI scan and other detailed check-ups. A hospital rep said, “The cartilage, cartilage plate, anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments have been seriously damaged and may have serious implications for the knee joint. In order to prevent another bigger injury, urgent surgery is required and after the surgery, complete bed rest is required for 6 months.”

Shin Hyesung has expressed that he will continue with Shinhwa activities despite the diagnosis. “I can’t disregard Shinhwa’s promotional activities that are just about to start. The operation will be put on hold for now, and I’ll continue with physiotherapy exercises and treatment simultaneously.”

A rep for Shinhwa said, “We’ll observe for another 2 days then re-adjust the schedule. We’ll take extra efforts not to worry the fans further.”

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

13 thoughts on “[12.03.26] Shin Hyesung delays knee surgery to concentrate on Shinhwa activities

  1. D: zzzzzzzzzzz go for operation, its a drop in my heart seeing him with my own eyes when he landed on the stage and stayed without any move and the staffs had to come out and carried him away ; 3 ;

  2. Hyesung, listen to ur doctor’s advice and your mental readiness is important.Yet again please do not take the injury lightly, longer you wait,longer is the agony of pain.I lost mine(both kness) to degenerated ligaments took surgery so as to be able to do -like see you and Shinhwa. Medical technology is advance nowadays, take advice and do therapy to recover. I’m quite sure the pain in your kness comes very often, 6 months to recover as to your health and career – is worth to think about. You’re gifted with beautiful voice ,not ready to dance for 6 months, we can take it. Shinhwa’s activities can go on with you sitting down .
    I have so much fun at the concerts, I am able to see you with Shinhwa is so awesome. You and Shinhwa is One, so don’t go breaking our hearts – fans, members ,families.

  3. what ever desicion u make HS, u know that all your fans are here give all our support and love n please do whatever u a need to do, be healthy n happy

  4. Oh no, “6 months complete bed rest after the surgery” sounds really serious!!
    Looks like he has made up his mind and we can only pray that he’ll be extra careful not to worsen the injury..

  5. I think it’s a hard decision for him, to give up and abandon like that the promotion and the promise he made to us. He made much efforts, worked so hard… He must be really frustrated by that…

  6. Feel like starting a public demonstration to get him to operate the knee first! Geez…HYE SUNG, GO OP GO OP!!!

  7. agree….your voice is always enough for us. please take good care and stay save, healthy and happy, oppa-deul!

  8. Ok it’s an important time for them and for us but… It’s also an important decision to make. It’s not a little wound… A surgery now it’s the better choice for his health ! But this also HIS decision… So… just don’t force too much, no dance, no efforts, your voice it’s enough for us ! Take care hyesung sshi !!

  9. Yup, don’t delay it Hyesung, pleaseeee! We definitely don’t want it to get worse!!

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