11 thoughts on “Poll: Shinhwa Vol.10 ‘THE RETURN’ – what’s your favorite track?

  1. Honestly, after waiting for 4 years all the songs with their harmony just seem great.To chose favourite will be :
    1. On the Road – as I like the acoustic music and the melody
    2. Venus – the beat is catchy,the chorus Venus can easily remember and sing along and dancebeat
    3. Hurts- good and nice to listen
    Just my thoughts the albumn is good and very different from their previous songs ,new style

  2. totally dig the catchiness of Stay… I like Venus too.. but the immature kid in me just laughs during the chorus…

  3. Same with everyone, i like all, they are all beautifully sung..!
    I was choosing hard between On The Road and Hurts…. in the end i chose On The Road!

  4. The whole album is awesome but Hurt is definitely my favorite. I hope they make an mv for it.

    1. would be awesome if they could have another MV for Hurts. It’s never too many for us hungry fans 🙂

      1. Couldn’t agree more! I hope they’re able to promote a lot because I would love to see this song performed on a music program.

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