[12.03.22] Vid: (with translations) Shinhwa 10th Production Making – Dance Training


0:29 Eric: This is really a new song
0.39 Can you guys do ‘Wedding’?
0:41 Dongwan: I want to do ‘Wedding’!
0:44 Dongwan: Let’s do it, because it’s difficult I want to do it. I think it’s going to be tough.
0:48 Eric: There’s only Yoon Jong Shin’s version (Yoon Jong Shin has a song of the same name)
0:59 Hyesung: Wa how are going to do this?
1:05 Caption: CHAIRS?
1:06 Minwoo (?): Let’s listen to the music
1:20 Eric: WHAT’S THIS!
1:45 Hyesung: Ya whose song is this?
1:48 Isn’t it this side?
1:52 Junjin: No, it’s this side
1:54 Hyesung: No no no no
1:55 Caption: All insisting that they’re right
1:58 Hyesung: No it’s this side, for sure
2:00 Andy: It’s this side
2:02 Hyesung: It’s not
2:07 Dongwan: It’s this side, this side
2:08 Hyesung: That’s right, that’s right!
2:17 Minwoo: Isn’t Jinnie supposed to be here?
2:25 Junjin: No, aren’t I supposed to be here?
2:26 Eric: When was this changed?
2:42 Caption: I don’t think so…..
2:50 Eric: No, during my rap the two of you have already changed places
2:54 Minwoo: Ah that’s right!
2:55 Junjin: Is it?
2:58 Eric: I SAID I’M RIGHT!!!!!
3:01 Junjin: Let’s try to resolve this incident
3:03 Dongwan: Things like this wouldn’t happen if we put in effort. FIGHTING!


7 thoughts on “[12.03.22] Vid: (with translations) Shinhwa 10th Production Making – Dance Training

  1. Omg this is hilarious….>< I'm rewatching every part 6x to see what each member is doing..hahaha I remember doing that with old Shinhwa videos

  2. Unniiiii~~~~ XDDDD
    We’re going to use your translations as usual~~ >.<

    Thanks! <3333333333

    We all love you long long many many

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