[12.03.22] via enewsworld: Shinhwa Goes Nude (Again) for Public Bathhouse Shoot

The Shinhwa members may be as close as any friends can be, but there’s one thing they’ve apparently never done together before: go to a public bathhouse.

Shinhwa recently visited a public bathhouse together for the first time in its 14 year career to shoot the general service channel jTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast. The members are all famous for their toned and fit bodies, but it was their first time in a public bathhouse because, according to Lee Min Woo, “Hye Sung doesn’t like to wash together.”

The members managed to show they were still as fit and muscular as they had been for their nude photo book several years ago even though they were now in their 30s.

The first episodes of Shinhwa Broadcast had the members play superhero roles in an SF channel, with members taking on James Bond, Superman, Wonder Woman and others, to save the President’s daughter.

The members said about their first shoot, “It was more comfortable than we worried it would be. We don’t have anywhere lower to go. We’ll be writing a new page in variety history.”

Shinhwa’s bathhouse talk session will be revealed through the March 24 broadcast of Shinhwa Broadcast.

Original report from enewsworld


4 thoughts on “[12.03.22] via enewsworld: Shinhwa Goes Nude (Again) for Public Bathhouse Shoot

  1. HAHA… The censorship… LOL For some reason… it seems to be missing little smiley faces in the circle.. LMAO..

    Dammnnnn Wannie..

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