[12.03.20] Those Shinhwa boys, and those ShinChang girls

Wit Guy Kim Dongwan, Cool Guy Lee Minwoo, Shy Guy Andy, SF Comic Image Junjin, Little Prince Shin Hyesung and English Rapper & Leader Eric. When they made their debut in 1998, this was how Shinhwa introduced themselves. Now, it’s their well-known greeting phrase that they jokingly use everywhere, but it’s a distinct phrase they can be used to point out the distinct qualities of each Shinhwa member. Shedding off their manufactured images, Shinhwa has been building up their own true free-spirited charm, and this forms the driving force behind how they’ve been loved by fans for such a long time. 10asia has prepared a special Shinhwa-edition ideal guy search. Try finding out which of the six oppas is closest to your idea of the perfect man. We hope this can be an opportunity for those who have lived as ShinChang (Shinhwa Changjo) for 14 years, to rediscover or find out charms of Shinhwa they have yet to discover.

Male #1, Kim Dongwan
For some reason it feels like he has filmed a CF for Bacchus (an energy drink), but it was actually a CF for Gas digestive medicine. Just like the straight nose bridge he received from Lee Soo Man as a ‘gift’, he is an upright and proper young man, no, uncle. Sleeping early and getting up early, that’s basic, and for him there’s no such thing as mixing with female friends at night clubs. Occasionally he puts on his glasses and displays his unique charms as a patriotic intellectual in Korea during Japanese rule. Think you might get bored? Don’t forget, he’s still Shinhwa’s Wit Guy.

Male #2, Eric
Tall and good-looking. Just this alone leaves people in awe, but together with Lee Minwoo he also holds the role of co-CEO of Shinhwa Company. Looks and ability, it seems like he’s not lacking in anything. But a guy that’s too perfect puts people off. He said himself that green blood flows in him, and that he taught Korean and English to his pet dog ‘Chamchi’ (Tuna). His 4-dimensional comments only serve to increase his charm. The more you look at him, the more mysterious he seems. The more you know about him, the more curious you become. But if you want to have this guy, you must be prepared to enjoy going to the church.

Male #3, Lee Minwoo
A person who’s suited for silver-coloured hair. Very rare. If you see him anywhere, you might smell a subtle whiff of Davidoff Cool Water, with his trademark smiling eyes making him cute yet sexy at the same time. He may seem gentle but when he’s riding his motorbike or when he’s dancing, he’s a man among men, exuding a rugged charm. Because of this you may worry about whether he will be snatched away but you’ll have to close an eye to his occasional outings to the club. If you’re still worried no matter how you think about it, there is only one solution. Make your relationship public.

Male #4 Shin Hyesung
He may look cold but he’s as affectionate as a mother bird. He’d rather die than to do anything embarrassing, but he lets everything go when it comes to the ‘crab dance’ or the ‘mommy, buy me that’ dance. His sweet ballad-singing voice, having to fix his hair with the straightening iron to go to the nearby convenience store, and his outstanding gaming ability that he displays when playing Starcraft in a PC cafe, Shin Hyesung has so many charms that we’re not able to share everything here. So we can only shout this out, “Jung Feel Gyo over ki-dok-gyo (Christianity)”.

Male #5, Junjin
He doesn’t just wear any beanie. Let’s remember the fact that fashion is most certainly only complete with the face. Thanks to his ‘SF Comic Image’ looks, Junjin is able to wear even beanies with stitches showing. Should we say that the beanie has been Junjinized? But Junjin didn’t just only inherit his looks from his dad Charlie Park. He has also inherited irrepressible talent, so be prepared to get married and raise another celebrity in the family.

Male #6, Andy
32 years old, and has completed his active military duties. But he’s still a cute ‘pocket guy’ that you want to keep in your pockets and bring around. With his exquisite features and smooth skin, he looks like the same 18-year-old young boy during his debut….. That would be a lie, but he does look like he’s in his mid-20s. On top of that, his caring ways towards Solbi, his onscreen wife in MBC’s We Got Married, and his good manners towards his onscreen in-laws, make him the model husband. His autoplay heart dance when you’re feeling down is a bonus.

Credits: 10asia + Absolut Shinhwa

21 thoughts on “[12.03.20] Those Shinhwa boys, and those ShinChang girls

  1. First time Hyesung, then Andy.. actually I dont really care because I love all of them. Am I so greedy? Who cares ~ Haha XD

  2. Yeah i got minwoo oppa hahaha. Sriously he is my ideal type (though i hope can be a little taller lol since I’m not tall enough and I’m consider about my children later)

  3. didnt get Jung Feel Gyo over Christianity??? also hw about the 3 generations and that davidoff cool water and i ended up with minwoo. hahahha but badly want eric :))

  4. haha I got Hyesung oppa!! It’s hard to get Jinnie since i’m not ok with his beanies lmao XD

  5. got Shin Hyesung, lol, my bias 😉 even I don’t really understand that Davidoff cool water… and just skipped it with ‘no’ ;;;

  6. after 2 times trying at the different time and I still get Shin HyeSung haha but my heart really wants Andy so badly

  7. What do you mean by Jung Feel Gyo over Christianity? I get that it’s a play off HS’s name, but I don’t fully get it.

    1. In Korean, Christianity is ‘ki-deok-GYO’, and Feel GYO is probably a pun on HS’ name to refer to his more ’emotive’ side (feel). So Jung Feel GYO over ‘ki-deok-GYO’ just means he comes before (or is more important than) Christianity. It’s a little hard to explain but it’s really just a corny joke more than anything else…

  8. I had no idea what’s the smell of davidoff cool water, but assuming it’s just some clean smell, i chose “yes” anyway.
    Oh my, should i have answered “no” to that very last question that i wasn’t even sure about, i must be super satisfied right now for getting my favourite crabbie jung!!

  9. Yeah! Junjin is mine! My choices were somewhat bias, but in the end this is like a little test to see if you really know the one you like haha.

  10. LMAAAO Q#1 already narrows it down to 2 it you say NO to it XDDD

    and that path naturelly leads my to the one with green blood!!! 😛

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