[12.03.20] Shinhwa sells out 30,000 copies of ‘THE RETURN’ limited edition album through pre-orders

Shinhwa has sold out 30,000 copies of the limited edition of their 10th album ‘The Return’ via pre-order.

Shinhwa’s 10th album comes 4 years after their last album, with the limited edition sporting a different concept and design, and all 30,000 copies of this limited edition album have been sold out by pre-order.

The album, whose offline version will be released on 23 March, features collaborations with producers and songwriters such as Yoon Il Sang, Kim Do Hyun, Jae Chong and Aziatix. The Shinhwa members have all personally participated in the producing of the album.

Shinhwa’s official website temporarily crashed when fans swarmed to the site upon the release of the album photos and the teaser video of the title track ‘Venus’.

Shinhwa Company CEO and Shinhwa leader Eric expressed his gratitude, “With the comeback just days away I’m really glad to hear such good news. We prepared this album with heartfelt sincerity, as this album is our gift to our fans who have waited for such a long time. I think the fans can understand our intentions.”

Liveworks CEO Lee Jang Eon who’s in charge of album production said, “Requests are flooding in for us to increase the quantities of the special edition, and we’re having an internal discussion about it.”

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa


6 thoughts on “[12.03.20] Shinhwa sells out 30,000 copies of ‘THE RETURN’ limited edition album through pre-orders

  1. I’m totally excited to order mines!
    Question: Aren’t Eric and MinWoo co-CEO of Shinhwa Company? Can someone let me know? Thanks in advance.

  2. Happy I got mine.

    But but only 30K limited version, can’t they have a regular version for too for those can’t afford the limited version (which is the creame, specially the freaking 80-page-photobook that comes with it!) 😀

  3. Aaaah, i had no idea that they’re releasing limited edition albums!!!
    Yes please, Mr CEO, increase the quantity of the special edition album for people who missed it like me!

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